November 13, 2016

Fourth day of anti-Trump protests in cities around the country, demonstrators chant “Not my president!” and “We reject the president-elect!”

Hillary Clinton speaks out to blame FBI director for her election loss, but has still not asked her supporters to stop protests and accept election results.

Tokyo High Court reportedly reverses compensation for family of African man who died while being deported from Japan, rules he died of heart disease while being gagged and restrained on an airplane so there is no government liability. No one has reportedly been criminally charged in his death.  PNS has still not received any information from the State Department or U.S. Embassy in Tokyo regarding the death of an unidentified American man after his arrest by Tokyo police in February of 2015.

Rats enjoy being tickled, and even “laugh”, unless they are stressed out.—and-this-is-what-it-sounds-like/

Two U.S. soldiers and two contractors killed, 16 U.S. soldiers and one Polish soldier wounded, in apparent suicide bombing at airbase in Afghanistan.

Conservative writer offers liberals a few tips for winning back white, working-class voters: “…Democrats have earned the reputation of being obsessed with (identity politics) to the exclusion of bread-and-butter issues.”

NYPD officers accused of concealing their faces and nameplates at anti-Trump protests.

Mistrial declared in case of officer who shot unarmed black motorist Samuel Dubose in the head after stopping him for missing front license plate. The officer had claimed that he had been dragged by the car when the man tried to drive away, but bodycam footage reportedly showed the officer firing into the car after a brief scuffle.

California high school teacher reportedly suspended after pointing out in class parallels between the rise of Trump and Hitler. “In class, Navarro told his students that Hitler’s persecution of Jewish people bears “remarkable parallels” to Trump’s campaign rhetoric about Muslims, Latino immigrants and black Americans.”

Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis urges progressives to counter the global rise of nationalism by creating a Progressive International in order to avoid a repeat of the tragedy of the 1930s.

Exit polls show how different groups of Americans voted. Once again, more people sat out than voted.

Trump reportedly called for a post-election revolution in 2012, claiming that Obama had won the electoral college but lost the popular vote.

November 13, 2016

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