November 14, 2016

Trump appoints RNC leader Priebus as chief of staff and far-right Breitbart News executive Bannon as senior strategist and advisor. “Before joining Trump’s team, Bannon spearheaded Breitbart’s shift into a forum for the “alt-right,” a loose online confederation of neo-Nazis, white supremacists and anti-Semitics.”

Toyota settles class action lawsuit brought by American truck and SUV owners who  had claimed rust damage to frames, will reportedly pay $3.4 billion.

Trump claims he may just amend Obamacare or keep parts of it, says he will focus on deporting illegal aliens with criminal records, calls on his supporters to stop harassing Hispanics and Muslims.

180 anti-Trump protesters reportedly arrested in Los Angeles on Saturday, protests continued on Sunday around the country.

Trump campaign manager Conway reportedly warns Senate leader Reid to be careful when criticizing Trump.  “…he should be very careful about characterizing someone in a legal sense.”

Democratic Party activists knew Clinton was weak with working class voters, tried to warn her. “I did like her message of ‘Stronger Together,’ but that doesn’t get anyone a job, does it?”

Pro-Hillary pundits to Democrats: Sure, Bernie polls better against Trump, but it’s not real.

Trump pledges to deport about as many illegal immigrants as Obama, but promises to focus on criminals. “…the total number of deportations under President Obama is expected to be somewhere around 3 million. Of those 2.4 million immigrants (already deported), approximately 1,370,000 were non-criminals, compared to 1,058,000 who were criminals.”


November 14, 2016

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