November 16, 2016

FBI reportedly using Dataminr program “to search the complete Twitter firehose, in near real-time, using customizable filters.”

Judge orders CIA and NSA to submit information on domestic surveillance activities in Occupy Philly FOIA lawsuit.

More election results: Death penalty upheld in three states, homeless lose their tents in San Francisco, involuntary servitude wins in Colorado by narrow margin.

“Week of long knives” sees purge of “elites” and moderates from Trump transition team.

Clients of Rudy Giuliani’s law firms have reportedly included an Iranian terrorist group, Qatar’s state oil company, the maker of OxyContin, Singapore gambling initiative with ties to an alleged organized crime figure, a subsidiary of Venezuela’s state oil company, and a private prison company.

After chat with Trump, Putin’s forces bombard Syria.

Are leading Democrats going too far when they don’t simply concede, but seemingly surrender and wish Trump well?

More 911 calls released from Orlando Pulse shooting reveal terror of victims as lone gunman held off police and shot hostages for almost 3 hours.

CNNMoney article claims that if NAFTA is abolished, “…companies (would) just move operations to the next cheapest country. It could be another country in Latin America or an Asian nation.”   BUT, they would have to pay steep tariffs when they tried to import their goods back into the country, cancelling out the advantage of moving jobs outside the U.S. Honest oversight or disinformation?

Why Obamacare cannot be “reformed”.  But the article does not mention an obvious possible alternative – a national single payer health care system like the kinds they have in the U.K., Canada and Taiwan.

Residents of Trump Place apartment buildings demand and win name change.

Ben Carson reportedly turns down “open” job offer in Trump administration says Carson’s business manager. “His background didn’t prepare him to run a federal agency.”

You can now smoke marijuana in bars and restaurants in Denver, but you’ll have to do it outside.

Clinton’s lead in popular vote passes 1 million mark, votes still being counted.

Third Syrian hospital reportedly hit by airstrikes in 24 hours.

Some Chinese Android phones sold in the U.S. are reportedly monitoring their users, sending their data, including text messages, back to China.

November 16, 2016

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