November 20, 2016

New overtime law goes into effect December 1, anyone making less than $47,500 must be paid overtime for hours worked in excess of 40 in a single week.

John McCain says Trump will not be allowed to torture prisoners because it has been outlawed by Congress and is illegal under the Geneva Conventions.

Japanese police accused of beating doctor accused of malpractice to death in 2010.

An estimated 102 million trees killed by drought in California’s forests called “unparalleled ecological disaster”.

Is the Trump administration really going to launch a $1 trillion New Deal style public works program?

Pipeline CEO reportedly says they will not consider re-routing Dakota Access pipeline to avoid endangering reservation water supply.—ap-2016-11

Love it or leave it! Judge reportedly tells new citizens if they don’t like Trump they should pack their bags.

Richard Rorty predicted the rise of Donald Trump in 1998.



November 20, 2016

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