November 21, 2016

President Obama continues to speak out in favor of free trade, TPP at APEC summit.

289 reportedly killed in week of bombardment in Aleppo.

New York’s Governor Cuomo announces crack down on alt-right trolls, hate incidents.

Alt-right hoping to become “intellectual vanguard” of Trump movement says think tank spokesman, wants to create a “safe space” for white Americans. Protesters rallied outside D.C. conference, which was held in the Reagan Building.

Pence refuses to take a position on waterboarding after McCain’s statement that it would be illegal.

Student at suburban Detroit middle school which gained notoriety after “Build the wall!” video reportedly admits he hung noose in school restroom.

Legislators suspicious about Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure spending scheme, some calling it “a massive corporate welfare plan for contractors”. Similar plans floated by the Obama administration were shot down in Congress.

New accounts and credit card applications down sharply at Wells Fargo after bogus accounts scandal.

36 degrees F warmer than normal at the North Pole.

Whistle-blower claims Albuquerque police department edits, deletes and conceals police videos.

Documentary “National Bird” examines the drone war from the perspectives of drone operators and innocent victims.

Obama urges Democrats not to obstruct Republican agenda.

Robert Reich, on the other hand, suggests that progressives throw sand in the Trump machine’s gears.

Clinton’s lead in popular vote reportedly hits 1.7 million.

Pipeline protesters and police clash on North Dakota bridge, police reportedly using water cannon on protesters in sub-freezing weather.


November 21, 2016

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