November 23, 2016

Alt-right leader Spencer: “Let’s party like it’s 1933!”

Federal judge sides with business groups, reverses Obama administration ruling that low wage supervisors, managers and professionals should receive overtime pay.

Trump says he will probably not pursue criminal charges against Hillary Clinton, some supporters upset with broken campaign promise.

Trump disavows right-wing extremists who supported him.  “I disavow and condemn them.”

Report reveals 12,000 “inappropriate” emails were sent by current and retired state officials in Pennsylvania, but names of senders will not be released.

Dow Jones Industrial Average closes above 19,000 for first time, discount stores among top performers.

Top 0.7% of households own 45.6% of the world’s wealth, bottom 73.2% own only 2.4%.

No aloe vera reportedly found in aloe vera gels sold by Wal-Mart, Target and CVS. And Walgreens’ gel is iffy.

Vote irregularities in key states indicate need for audits or recounts say experts.

New $4.4 billion destroyer USS Zumwalt reportedly dead in the water in Panama Canal, had to be towed.

85% turnout in some counties, thousands of votes more tallied than cast point to problems in Wisconsin vote totals.

Obama federal sentence commutations for drug offenders top 1,000.

Russia deploys missiles near border in response to NATO buildup.

Another 15,000 government employees fired in Turkey, bringing the total to over 100,000. 375 NGOs closed.

Baton Rouge settles with arrested Alton Sterling shooting protesters, pays $100,000 to avoid trial over alleged excessive force and constitutional rights violations.


November 23, 2016

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