November 24, 2016

Trump chooses private charter schools activist to head Department of Education.

Investigative reporter goes to court since NSA is allegedly not responding to his FOIA requests.

12 Cambridge residents, including former mayor, testify in favor of surveillance transparency ordinance that would require elected officials to seek public input and approve all new police surveillance technology.

Clinton’s lead in popular vote reportedly tops 2 million. Green Party will challenge results if it can raise the $2 million it would likely cost, due to differences in voting patterns between counties with paper ballots and those with electronic voting machines.

21 year-old pipeline protester severely injured after being hit with police grenade, may lose her arm.

Top 10% now own 89% of global assets according to bank study.

Trump allegedly planning to close NASA climate research program.

Hate speech will get you banned on Facebook – even apparently if you hate Nazis.

Texas judge reportedly suggested lynching black suspect accused of shooting San Antonio police officer.  “Time for a tree and a rope…”

Death toll rising in India-Pakistan border clashes.

Amnesty International accuses Spain of blocking investigation of Civil War crimes.

Rohingya Muslims continue to flee persecution in Myanmar.

Nigerian military accused of gunning down protesters, killing 150.

U.N. estimates 68,000 people, half of them children, have become refugees due to fighting in Mosul.

November 24, 2016

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