November 25, 2016

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers reportedly joining forces protecting Dakota Access pipeline construction.

Kurdish and Turkish forces exchange artillery fire in northern Syria.

West Virginia man accused of fatally shooting unarmed, black 15 year-old because he reportedly felt his “life was in danger”.

Former Massachusetts assistant district attorney reportedly facing fourth sexual assault accusation.

Personal information of 130,000 Navy personnel reportedly stolen by hackers.

100+ mph police chase ends in fiery crash, reportedly killing two adults and one child, injuring three others.

London chef found guilty of four murders, used gay dating sites to lure his victims.

Ann Coulter reportedly stands up for American Nazis.

Veterans to join pipeline protesters, including some high-profile ones such as Wes Clark Jr., Michael Wood Jr. and Tulsi Gabbard

Green Party raises more than $4 million for recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan after experts point out anomalies in results.

Some pipeline protesters reportedly conflicted over Jane Fonda’s Thanksgiving dinner offer.

Houston police allegedly attempted to remove black woman from her wheelchair and then tased her after she argued with them during the arrest of her pregnant daughter.

IS claims responsibility for bomb that hit five busloads of Iranian pilgrims, killing about 100.


November 25, 2016

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