November 29, 2016

FBI allegedly requested and received targeted assassinations of IS recruiters in Syria.

Green Party’s Stein files lawsuit to force hand recount of Wisconsin votes, state estimates regular recount will cost $3.5 million with counties deciding whether to hand count or use machines.

Trump reportedly says he might reverse Obama administration’s opening to Cuba.

Rebels in Aleppo reportedly lose 1/3 of their territory after government offensive.

Crackdown on tribe in Uganda sparks concern over possible summary executions.

State election officials push back on Trump claim that millions voted illegally.

Supreme Court case may decide if Texas can continue to execute “intellectually disabled” prisoners who could not be executed in any other state.

Murder charges against Albuquerque police officer involved in fatal shooting of homeless man dismissed by prosecutor.

World Trade Organization rules that Washington state tax breaks for Boeing were a prohibited state subsidy.

Court reportedly ruled that agreements Wells Fargo customers signed when opening real accounts also applied to unauthorized accounts opened by the bank in their names, forbidding customers from suing the bank. Elizabeth Warren disagrees.

Hackers take down San Francisco’s mass transit ticket system, demand ransom, threaten to release computer files. Passengers get free rides.

Bernie Sanders proposes tough legislation that would punish U.S. companies that outsource jobs to other countries.   “…the Outsourcing Prevention Act, would prevent companies sending jobs overseas from receiving federal contracts, tax breaks, or other financial assistance; claw back federal subsidies that outsourcing companies received over the past decade; impose a tax of either 35 percent of the company’s profits or an amount that equals the money saved by moving jobs overseas, whichever is higher; and imposing stiff tariffs on executive bonuses like golden parachutes, stock options, and other gratuities.”

Recount effort in Pennsylvania hits suspicious snag – state reportedly requires three voters in each of the state’s 9,163 electoral precincts to submit a notarized request for a recount.

Trump reportedly won presidential election with only 46.5% of the popular vote.

Republican elector in Texas reportedly resigns from Electoral College, says he cannot cast a vote for Trump in good conscience.

Seven techniques that authoritarian leaders use to weaken the media.   An eighth popular method is to threaten, imprison or kill journalists, but we haven’t gotten there yet….

Injured pipeline protesters file lawsuit against law enforcement agencies for attacking them during peaceful protest.

Greenland asks Denmark to clean up abandoned U.S. Cold War military bases.

British parliament passes “Snoopers’ Charter” surveillance bill. “After months of wrangling, Parliament has passed a contentious new snooping law that gives authorities — from police and spies to food regulators, fire officials and tax inspectors — powers to look at the internet browsing records of everyone in the country.”

Israel announces planned construction of 500 housing units for settlers in occupied East Jerusalem.


November 29, 2016

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