December 3, 2016

Trump’s lead in Pennsylvania has shrunk by 22,000 votes so far in recount. “An updated count Friday by state election officials shows Trump’s lead over Democrat Hillary Clinton has shrunk to 49,000, from 71,000.”

Efforts by the Trump campaign to stop the recounts have now expanded to three states.

Veterans begin to arrive in North Dakota to protect pipeline protesters from police.

Police release white man who shot unarmed black man from inside his car during road rage confrontation. “No charges have been filed.”

Trump and his appointees will not have to pay taxes on profits from the sales of their investments, saving them “millions of dollars” in tax payments.

Judge dismisses citizen’s request for special prosecutor in case against New Jersey Governor Chris Christie over Bridgegate scandal. “Individual citizens cannot appropriate to themselves the law enforcement function.” Christie will apparently be investigated by prosecutors from his own Attorney General’s office.

Only 800 at-risk jobs will actually stay at Carrier plant, employees’ union not involved in negotiations.

United Airlines agrees to pay $2.4 million settlement in SEC case. “United initiated a money-losing flight solely to curry favor with a public official and failed to reflect in its books and records a fair and accurate depiction of the rationale behind the decision and its projected financial impact.”

Canadian journalist reportedly barred from entering U.S. to cover Standing Rock protests.

Trump says his Carrier campaign promise should not have been taken literally, it was just a “euphemism”.

House reportedly doubles budget for “Panel on Infant Lives” to investigate fetal tissue research to almost $1.6 million.

Justice Department sending “conciliators” to mediate Dakota Access pipeline dispute.

Senate passes Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, which critics say is aimed primarily at human rights activists protesting against Israeli policies, not Trump’s alt-right supporters.

Trump Organization has reportedly been researching possible urban development project in Taiwan.

Trump reportedly invites Philippine president linked to death squads, Rodrigo Duterte, to the White House.

Michigan’s Attorney General asks his state’s Supreme Court to not allow presidential vote recount, reportedly claims recount would “silence all Michigan votes for president”.   By verifying the election vote totals?

Customer’s dispute with AutoZone employees in Tennessee reportedly led police officer to follow him to his home, where he was shot five times with the officer’s assault rifle. Police allegedly refusing to release or even comment on possible existence of store security video footage.

House approves $611 billion defense appropriations bill, funds more soldiers, bases and equipment than Pentagon requested.–politics.html

U.N. special rapporteur: Evidence of torture and mistreatment of prisoners in Turkish custody, abuse was “widespread” immediately after coup attempt.

Iceland’s Pirate Party in talks to participate in next government after right, grand coalition and Left-Green talks fail.

First U.S. soldier to die in Syria is identified, was one of about 300 deployed in the country.


December 3, 2016

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