December 5, 2016

About 2,000 veterans arrive at Standing Rock to provide “human shield” for protesters.

Corps of Engineers blocks Dakota Access pipeline.

Israel “moving in the wrong direction”, “heading to a place of danger” in relations with Palestinians says Secretary of State John Kerry.

Man with assault rifle sparks panic at D.C. pizza restaurant accused of child prostitution link in fake, right-wing news stories.

Pence and Priebus back Trump’s right to claim “millions of people” voted illegally. “I think the president elect is someone who’s pushed the envelope and caused people to think in this country.”

Stein planning to take Pennsylvania recount battle to federal court. “The Stein campaign will continue to fight for a statewide recount in Pennsylvania.”

Trump tweets trade policy – 35% tax on products imported by  U.S. companies from other countries after moving their production abroad.  Possible loopholes: What about companies which import foreign-made products or have only built factories abroad?

Writers sees dangerous trend towards tightening of libel laws. “When liberal newspapers reported on police violence against black demonstrators in the old south… all-white juries in Alabama hammered them with punitive damages.”

Trump’s pick for White House counsel accused of helping create the swamp. “McGahn has demonstrated a much stronger interest in expanding the money-in-politics swamp than draining it.”

Dick Cheney suggests that Trump’s Twitter tweets have made journalists unnecessary.

Racist trolls reportedly going nuts over black mall Santa. “Looks like we had to turn comments off on story about Mall of America’s first black Santa. Merry Christmas everyone!”

Sarah Palin allegedly calls Trump’s Carrier deal “crony capitalism”.

New York’s Senator Schumer criticizes United Airlines for plan to charge customers with carry-on bags, effectively barring “basic economy” ticket holders from using overhead bins.  “Air travelers are sick and tired of being nickel-and-dimed for every bag they carry and every morsel they eat by airlines that are already making sky-high profits.”   Nice to see a politician stand up for the little people, however only about 15% of Americans reportedly fly regularly.

Syrian rebel groups vow to continue fighting in Aleppo.

Snowden claims Petraeus disclosed information that was more sensitive than what he leaked.

Pope addresses business leaders meeting to find ways to reduce inequality. “I pray too, that you may involve in your efforts those whom you seek to help; give them a voice, listen to their stories, learn from their experiences and understand their needs.”   The Pope told a similar group in November, “Money must serve, not rule. Money does not have a neutral value, but acquires value according to the aims and the circumstances in which it is used.”

Syrian human rights group says as many as 200 civilians killed during U.S. airstrikes in Manbij.

With California facing environmental, healthcare and social issue rollbacks under Trump, some are reportedly advocating secession. “…with a gross domestic product of $2.5 trillion, the state’s economy ranks sixth in the world, sandwiched between Britain and France.”

Chinese company allegedly wrote application essays for many of its clients seeking to study at U.S. colleges.

December 5, 2016

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