December 6, 2016

Jury unable to reach verdict in trial of police officer who killed fleeing suspect Walter Scott by shooting him repeatedly. In the back. On video.

Greens win speedy hand recount in Michigan.

House Republican leaders say they won’t support Trump on tariffs on goods imported by U.S. companies that moved jobs abroad.  Majority leader McCarthy: “I don’t want to get into some kind of trade war.”

Bank of England’s governor: “Globalization is associated with low wages, insecure employment, stateless corporations and striking inequalities.” “Just 2% of households have deposit holdings in excess of £5,000 ($6,365 USD)…”

Venezuela to introduce higher denomination currency to deal with runaway inflation. “For example, a pair of pants is about 40,000 bolivars, which means you currently need to carry 400 bills of 100 bolivars each to be able to buy them.”    However, according to Google, at the official exchange rate 100 bolivars = about $10.

Department of Labor appeals blocking of new overtime rule by federal judge in Texas.

Justice Dept. to federal court: Humana/Aetna merger would reduce competition, lead to higher prices for consumers.

Social media companies cooperating to ban “terrorist” images.

Microsoft’s new chat bot gets nervous when you try to discuss politics. “…politics is something you’re not supposed to casually discuss.”

Antibiotic resistant “super-bug” bacteria reportedly found in pigs on U.S. farm.

59% of Detroit election precincts reportedly have poll books that do not match number of votes cast. State law says these precincts cannot be recounted. Problems in other counties may also result in large numbers of uncountable votes.

Trump advisor who backs “millions of illegal voters” story found little evidence of voter fraud when he was secretary of state in Kansas. “In the 17 months that the secretary has had that prosecutorial power, he hasn’t brought a single case of voter impersonation or alien registration or voting.”

Independent conservative candidate Evan McMullin worried about Trump presidency. “(Authoritarian leaders’) profound appetite for absolute power drives their intolerance for any restraint — whether by people, organizations, the law, cultural norms, principles or even the expectation of consistency.”

Prime Minister Abe to be first Japanese leader to visit Pearl Harbor, will meet with outgoing President Obama.

U.N. agrees to stop publishing Iraq casualty figures after complaints from Iraqi government that death toll is inflated.

U.N. staff and U.S. military reportedly clashing over how events in Afghanistan are being reported.

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo allegedly blacklists businesses that support boycotts, divestment or sanctions (BDS) against Israel.

American priest killed by right-wing death squad in Guatemala reportedly first U.S. Catholic martyr.


December 6, 2016

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