December 7, 2016

U.S. students score 40th in the world in math, 25th in science, 24th in reading on international PISA test.

Exxon Mobile sues state attorney generals over their investigations into the company, Texas judge rules that company has a right to question them under oath about their investigations.

U.S. appeals court rules that warrantless surveillance of U.S. citizens is allowed when they communicate with people in other countries.

Americans are far more tolerant of torture than people in other countries. “Researchers found that 33 percent of Americans surveyed said torture was a “part of war”…. By comparison, 16 percent of Afghans and 14 percent of Ukrainians said torture was “part of war.”

Trump transition team member reportedly fired after post-shooting Pizzagate tweet. “Until #Pizzagate proven to be false, it’ll remain a story.”

Foundation run by Kushner family allegedly funding Israeli “settlers” in West Bank.

Hospitals warn that repeal of Obamacare could result in surge in uninsured patients, huge losses.

Apple will reportedly pay $450,000 to settle allegations it operated electronic waste sites without state approval and improperly labelled and disposed of hazardous waste.

Recount roundup: Wisconsin- little change from original results so far; Michigan – recount has started in several counties; Pennsylvania – Trump’s lead has shrunk by 47,750 votes so far; Nevada – De La Fuente recount continues in selected counties, may expand if discrepancy of more than 1% is discovered; Florida – lawsuit alleges widespread election irregularities.

Obama: “If we stigmatize Muslims, that just feeds the terrorist narrative (of a religious war).”

Four medical students reportedly charged by Japanese police in gang rape of intoxicated woman in restaurant restroom.   Best-selling Japanese author had reportedly speculated incorrectly on social media that the men were foreigners.

China reportedly asked U.S. to not let Taiwan’s president transit through U.S. on her way to a conference in Central America.

Economics news site demands retraction from Washington Post over story that alleged it was an outlet for Russian government disinformation.

Trump Department of Labor transition team appointee reportedly runs firm that places low-wage foreign workers in working-class jobs at U.S. companies using H2-B temporary worker visas.

Trump reportedly hires H2-B workers to work as servers and cooks at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

Editorial in Kushner-owned paper reportedly calls for FBI investigation into anti-Trump protests and recount efforts.

Real estate agents reportedly touting Trump Tower Secret Service presence as an “amenity”.

New Jersey police officer charged with assault after hitting man for blowing air horn at police station.

Pentagon allegedly buried internal report that proposed saving $125 billion over five years by improving administrative efficiency, report reveals there are almost as many office workers on the payroll as soldiers.

Writer wonders if Trump presidency will result in messy split with the government bureaucracies that actually run things.

Coalition of rights groups ask Obama to pardon Chelsea Manning for Wikileaks.

Former member of Ukrainian parliament alleges widespread government corruption.

Israel’s parliament reportedly votes to legalize “illegal” West Bank settlements.


December 7, 2016

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