December 8, 2016

“These terrorists can never directly destroy our way of life, but we can do it for them if we lose track of who we are and the values that this nation was founded upon.”  President Obama gives final national security speech, lets himself off easy.

Trump reportedly appoints climate change skeptic, power plant pollution control opponent, to head EPA.

Trump pick to head Homeland Security reportedly fought Obama administration attempts to close Guantanamo prison camp.

Sandy Hook shooting “hoaxer” arrested in Florida over alleged death threats to parent of shooting victim.

607 bears reportedly killed in New Jersey so far this year after second state bear hunt.

CFPB reaches settlements with reverse-mortgage firms over deceptive ads.

Federal judge stops hand recount of Michigan presidential election ballots.

Temp agency accused in lawsuit of giving undocumented workers priority in hiring, whistle-blower says they were less likely to complain about hours, wages or working conditions.

Mandated Texas pamphlet tells women to call 911 if they are “feeling pressure” to get an abortion.

Back story on Trump’s photo-op with SoftBank chief: “Mr. Son planned to tell Mr. Trump about what happened with T-Mobile, and how he had wanted to invest in the U.S. but the regulatory climate was too harsh so he invested outside the U.S. instead…”

Church group says many illegal migrants disappear after being chased into the desert by Border Patrol, are often injured during arrests.

Nobel Peace Prize committee invites Henry Kissinger to speak on world peace, some call for his arrest as a war criminal. “Kissinger is complicit or a main actor in many violations of the Genocide Convention and of the Geneva Conventions.”

Sanders, Democrats, activist groups deliver one million signatures asking Trump not to “modernize” Medicare.

Ohio legislature passes bill that would ban abortions if fetus has a detectable heartbeat, as early as six weeks.

U.S. airstrike reportedly targets “hospital complex” in Mosul, Iraqi forces claim IS fighters firing from one of the buildings.

Man sues Eastpointe, Michigan police over jailhouse beating caught on video that left him blind in one eye, claims he was denied medical treatment.

No justice yet for black couple allegedly threatened with handgun by white firefighter at Georgia Applebee’s in October 2015. “He’s walking over with his gun and badge, saying, ‘I’ve got the right to kill you ni**ers’.” Applebee’s and police reportedly refusing to release video, even to the victims’ lawyer.

Reporter finds wi-fi connection named “NIGGER GENOCIDE” at Texas A&M alt-right event.

Japanese prime minister will not apologize during upcoming visit to Pearl Harbor says government spokesman.

Legless woman falls from wheelchair during arrest by Miami-Dade police, left lying on the ground by officers.

UAE allegedly dropping bombs, carrying out drone strikes in Libya.

Fraud detection program finds 92.3% percent probability that Syrian rebels were behind 2013 chemical weapons attack which was used to press for U.S. action against Syrian government.

Saudi Arabia condemns 15 to death for spying.   Method of execution is likely to be beheading.

Canadian energy minister apologizes for threatening to use military against pipeline protesters.


December 8, 2016

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