December 11, 2016

Team Trump downplays reports that Russian election hacking was for his benefit, disses CIA. “These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.”

Outlook grim for Syrian rebels in Aleppo, may face abuse or execution if captured by government forces.   Male evacuees reported missing, rebels accused of retaliating against civilians who asked them to leave their neighborhoods.

200 more U.S. special forces headed into Syria, bringing the total to about 500.

Michigan supreme court rules against Stein recount 3-2, voters there allegedly cast 75,000 ballots without marking a choice for president, ballots will not be examined.

Venezuelan government seizes “overpriced” toys from distributor, plans to sell them at reduced prices.

Sri Lankan sailors reportedly fire “warning shots” to break up dockworkers strike.

Prudential Financial employees reportedly sue, claim company dismissed them after they raised concerns over policies sold by Wells Fargo employees.

Very low levels of seaborne radiation from Fukushima melt-down detected in Oregon seawater.

Casting service reportedly fires employee who sought “real alt-right thinkers/believers” as actors for Cadillac commercial.

Amazon job applicant complains that ProctorU tester took over his computer. “I’d given a company complete access to my entire machine, just so I can apply to work there.”

At least two counties in Wisconsin reportedly opted not to save images of ballots counted with electronic scanners.

Comedians spoof Trump’s cabinet appointments, make Walter White head of Drug Enforcement. “I know the DEA better than anyone, inside and out.”

Russians also allegedly hacked Republican emails, chose not to leak them.

72 year-old man reportedly sentenced to 10 days in jail for protesting New Jersey bear hunt outside the designated “free speech zone”.   “Two others arrested for similarly exiting the protest area on the hunt’s first day…. Both first-time offenders, were fined $250.”

CIA upset over Russian interference in U.S. election, most news stories fail to note long history of CIA interference in the elections of other countries.

Journalist gets too close to the story, recalled after taking shots at ISIS fighters with sniper rifle.

Mexican president says country’s military will continue to perform law enforcement duties.

December 11, 2016

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