December 12, 2016

Muslim man reportedly stabbed outside Simi Valley, California mosque.

Doctor proposes fixes for Obamacare. “Medical societies have adopted Medicaid expansion as an official position.”

Big department stores sued by Los Angeles D.A. over fake discounts.

Electronics store employees buy gaming console for kid who came in to play the display console everyday.

RNC official claims no one has hacked their server, in response to news reports that Russians hacked both parties but only leaked Democratic party emails.

Denver’s mayor tells police department to stop confiscating blankets from homeless people.

Messages from Snowden supporters projected on exterior of Washington D.C. media museum. “You were willing to sacrifice yourself for the people of this nation to know the truth, and for that we are deeply, profoundly thankful.”

25% of prison population in the U.S. poses little risk to public according to study. “Incarceration is not the right place for so many lower-level offenders in our criminal justice system.”

Clinton campaign, Democratic Party and allied PACs reportedly spent $1.2 billion on presidential election, twice what Trump and his supporters spent.

500,000 Kurds displaced in Turkey claims Amnesty International. “The report warns the widespread displacement and demolition of homes over the last year may amount to “collective punishment,” which is a war crime under the Geneva Conventions.”

Paris makes public transportation free during period of extremely high air pollution.

Leader of SEIU says union is trying to figure out how to “project an economic agenda in this country where we are not divided by race and gender.”


December 12, 2016

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