December 14, 2016

U.N. brokers safe passage for Syrian rebels, supporters in Aleppo after reports of mass executions by government coalition forces.

Family of innocent drone strike victims sues for apology from U.S. over targeting error.

Government data on climate change being archived by private groups in anticipation of possible Trump administration deletions.

Trump appoints Rick Perry, Energy Transfer Partners board member, as Secretary of Energy.

Bipartisan 21st Century Cures Act to “streamline” drug research by pharmaceutical companies signed by President Obama. “All these pathways or provisions of the bill are intended to expedite approval of these products — and, if implemented the wrong way, can lead to substantial negative consequences for patients taking these products…”

Unarmed, 73 year-old man Francisco Serna reportedly shot nine times by Bakersfield, California police while walking in his neighborhood, dies.

Trump administration likely to continue to advance the neo-liberal agenda. “If Silicon Valley is turning our personal lives into a business, then Trump hopes to turn our government into one.”

Ghostship fire occurred only 500 feet from an Oakland fire station, building had never been inspected.

Snowden: Companies and the government know a lot about us, but “We can’t even see their tax returns.”

Google posts redacted versions of eight National Security Letters the company received from the FBI.

Trump reportedly spending more time with athletes and celebrities than in intelligence briefings.

4,087 Pennsylvania voters in one election district apparently went into the voting booth but voted for no one.

Trump’s investments around the world make him vulnerable to influence of foreign leaders. “The Trump family has an enormous financial interest in keeping (Philippine president) Duterte happy. Trump Tower at Century City in Makati, Philippines, is on the verge of completion…”

European companies allegedly helped Syria set up its police state internet surveillance system.

NPR guest claims paying farm workers a living $15 an hour wage would increase the cost of an apple to $16. “That makes sense—if you think it takes roughly an hour to pick one apple.” Price of apples would actually rise about 5 cents per pound.

Prison labor organizer alleges retaliation by guards, including being maced, having water withheld and frequent transfers.

75,335 ballots allegedly not counted in Michigan. “Thousands of bubbles [which voters are supposed to completely fill in] couldn’t be read by the optical scanning machines. I saw a lot of red ink. I saw a lot of checkmarks.”


December 14, 2016

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