December 15, 2016

Law enforcement agency reportedly informs Yahoo of 1 billion account hack – that happened in 2013, foreign government suspected.  Hackers also used Yahoo’s proprietary code “to forge cookies that could be used to access accounts without a password”.

Neo-nazis plot to sow discord among black Twitter users by posing as blacks. “Activists will no longer be able to operate without being constantly suspicious that blacks responding to them are fake accounts.”  Sorry guys, the FBI got there first – see COINTELPRO

Trump’s sons, who will be running his businesses to avoid conflicts of interest, attend  policy meeting with tech leaders.

Oklahoma law will require anti-abortion posters in public restrooms. “The signs must be displayed at hospitals, schools, restaurants, and nursing homes by January 1, 2018.”

Legislators accuse Trump’s pick for secretary of education of intentionally violating campaign finance laws with school voucher PAC and refusing to pay fines. “Rather than pay the fines for violating the law, the All Children Matter PACs simply ceased operation and never paid the significant sum it owed to the state of Ohio.”

Trump’s appointee for national security advisor allegedly tipped off allies about CIA activities in Afghanistan.

Self-driving Uber vehicle caught running red light, company blames human driver.  California orders program stopped until company gets permit.

Trump team admits questionnaire asking for list of Energy Department employees involved in climate change activities was a mistake.

Michigan county clerk notes vote tabulation problem. “During the Presidential Election Recount in Ingham County, I noticed that many of the differences in the certified election results versus the recount results were the consequence of individuals who voted straight party and then voted for an invalid write-in candidate…. Since Ben Carson was not a valid write-in candidate, the vote is tabulated for the Republican nominee—relying on the voter’s straight party vote.”  In other words, Trump apparently picked up votes from voters who voted for other candidates.

Generic drug pricing probe reveals allegations of widespread price-fixing.

Study finds that being denied an abortion is worse for women’s mental health than having one.

Law enforcement groups get waitress fired over “disrespectful” Facebook photo. “She needs to be unemployable in the service industry.”

Team Trump allegedly making offers of diplomatic posts to anyone able to book top performers for inauguration ceremony.

Trump’s national security advisor reportedly deletes past “fake news” tweets from his Twitter account.

San Diego police accused of excessive force after using attack dog without warning on naked, unarmed man, allowing the dog to bite him for 44 seconds after he was subdued by officers.

Indian filmgoers who refused to stand for national anthem at film festival reportedly arrested, may face three year prison sentences.

Spanish police arrest leftists after they fail to appear in court to face charges of burning a picture of the country’s king, join three others arrested earlier for same offense.

Mexican vigilantes reportedly kidnap mother of drug boss, negotiate to swap her for local abductees, make police promise to prosecute captured drug gang members before turning them over.

Protester who disarmed security contractor carrying assault rifle near pipeline protest camp reportedly placed on “most wanted” list.


December 15, 2016

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