December 16, 2016

School districts in Mississippi, Alabama and Arizona reportedly hiring foreign workers as teachers on H1-B visas rather than paying market rate salaries.   “… even in some areas where teacher salaries are in the mid-$30,000 range, it is still maybe about four times more than what teachers are making in the Philippines.”

Corpus Christi, Texas urges residents not to drink tap water due to possible industrial contamination.

Trump reportedly requested Russian email hack during campaign. “Russia: If you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.”

Charleston church massacre shooter Dylann Roof found guilty on all 33 counts.

Massachusetts becomes 8th state to legalize recreational marijuana.

Stolen Yahoo customer info was reportedly being sold on “dark web”, security company tipped off law enforcement agencies.

Police officer’s lawyer says that since Philando Castile had THC in his blood at the time of the shooting, it was his own fault that the officer shot him, charges against his client should be dropped.

Milwaukee police officer reportedly fired fatal shot at Sylville Smith after suspect had thrown his gun away and was on the ground.

Trump reportedly asks Pennsylvania supporters to give a cheer for the black Americans who did not vote. “That was the big thing, so thank you to the African-American community!”

DeVry University agrees to $100 million settlement over charges that it mislead students with ads containing misleading employment figures. “…federal investigators found that DeVry was counting students who found jobs outside the fields they studied, and who already had jobs before they enrolled.”

Because there is little official information available about deaths of prisoners in the United States, journalists have started tracking them. “I don’t know of any other developed country where it’s really impossible to say how many people died in jails and prisons in a given year.”

NSA inspector general who accused Edward Snowden of not expressing his concerns through proper channels (which Snowden says he tried to do) has reportedly been disciplined for retaliating against another whistle-blower.

Philippine president Duterte reportedly says he used to cruise around his city looking for criminals. “I was really looking for an encounter so I could kill.”

Woman appointed by Trump as senior director of strategic communications for the National Security Council reportedly tweeted in June that if the State Department was not going to release Clinton’s emails quickly, “I guess Putin is going to have to do it.”

Concern over police accountability and use of surveillance technology under Trump administration. “It is not a leap to presume that if tensions mount between law enforcement and civilians, the new administration will come down aggressively on the side of the police.”

Sweden warns cities and towns to prepare for Russian attack. “Operations centers in bunkers need to continue to be held in ready reserve.”

“Pretrial diversion” programs allow defendants to escape prosecution and a criminal record –  if they have the cash. “…we found many jurisdictions where, yes, the money is going to the prosecutor and often can be spent on almost any law enforcement purpose, which is very broadly defined.”


December 16, 2016

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