December 17, 2016

Russian election hacking: “… interfering in our free and fair elections to install a right-wing candidate… is exactly what the CIA did to the rest of the world.”

Woman posts video of intrusive TSA genital pat-down: “I’ve never been a victim of unwanted touching until today.”

Corpus Christi chemical spill “impacting the public water system” was allegedly reported 7 days before residents were advised not to drink the tap water.

Trump reportedly tells his supporters they were “vicious, violent, screaming” and “nasty and mean and vicious” during his campaign.

No charges for Fresno police officers who shot unarmed teen four times after traffic stop – two of the shots were fired after the suspect was on the ground, the last of which was reportedly fired from a shotgun.

Government currency swap throws Venezuela into chaos.   They decided to do this even after India’s fiasco?

Used car chains to pay settlement over charges that cars advertised as being inspected for safety issues had not been repaired for manufacturer recall problems.

Republican bio of Treasury secretary Mnuchin reportedly leaves out his 17 years at Goldman-Sachs.

Why did the Harlem deer die? Was there a cover-up?

Government nuclear weapons and national security lab to change management from Lockheed Martin to Honeywell International. “The lab’s 10,500 rank-and-file employees will not be affected, just the top brass.”   So when did we privatize our government research facilities? And why? So that tax dollars can flow to corporate campaign donors and then be kicked back to politicians?

Federal Reserve gives insured banks five more years to divest from hedge and private equity funds.

670,000 Americans signed up for Obamacare on December 15th deadline.

U.S. intelligence agencies to disclose number of Americans under warrantless “incidental” surveillance.

100 U.S. CEOs have the same amount of retirement savings as 116 million of the lowest wage American workers.

10 University of Minnesota football players reportedly suspended over sex assault and harassment allegations, teammates threaten to boycott games until suspensions are lifted.

Trump’s national security advisor Michael Flynn is reportedly a defense contractor.

Obama scolds press for “obsession” with Clinton emails.

U.S. Election Assistance Commission, which certifies security of voting machines, reportedly hacked, secret reports on flaws in voting machine security systems stolen.

Trump’s pick for ambassador to Israel reportedly “raised tens of millions of dollars for one of the most radical settlements in the West Bank”.

Thailand charges 19 opposition political activists for violating ban on political meetings, group organized monitoring of election which approved military-backed changes to constitution.

Thailand’s parliament passes cyber-security law that allows authorities to obtain user data from service providers without court approval, take down websites critical of the government or monarchy.

Former Rikers corrections officer reportedly found guilty in beating death of New York prisoner.

December 17, 2016

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