December 18, 2016

Frontiers of neo-liberalism: Lawyers facing charges after reportedly uploading porn to internet, threatening to sue people who downloaded it. Reportedly collected about $6 million in settlements.

Border Patrol agent shoots immigration suspect who “got control of the agent’s baton” during an arrest.

Car bomb in Turkey kills 13 Turkish commandos, wounds 56.

Goldman Sachs to reportedly pay $56.5 million settlement over allegations it and other organizations rigged key interest rate.

New Nissan Leaf electric vehicles reportedly selling for under $12,000 to Kansas City power company customers after rebates.

Due to surge in applications, Obamacare enrollment deadline extended until midnight, December 19th.

Only one African American on Walter Scott murder trial jury in 47% black city.

Candlelight vigils to be held at state capitols around the country this weekend by Trump opponents, to urge Electoral College electors not to cast their votes for him.

Trump reportedly objects at rally to being called “Person of the Year” by Time magazine, instead of “Man of the Year” in protest against “politically correct” media.

Details emerge of 2012 riot at private immigration prison in Natchez, Mississippi over lack of medical care and poor food. “They said the warden had promised to meet with them over and over and he wouldn’t meet with them.”

Group of psychiatrists urge President Obama to require a mental health evaluation for Trump before he assumes office, due to “widely reported symptoms of mental instability”.

Two ex-police officers found guilty in death of suspect who was tasered “more than a dozen times” while handcuffed in suburban Atlanta.

New Jersey bill that would scrap requirement to publish legal notices in newspapers called a “revenge bill” by critics, who allege it is payback for negative press coverage of Governor Christie.

Several thousand Polish protesters flood streets, opposition lawmakers stage sit-in over law that would restrict press coverage of parliament proceedings.

Job losses during economic slowdown mostly hit older, white workers says researcher. “Whites ages 25 to 54 lost some 6.5 million jobs more than they gained over the period. Hispanics in their prime, by contrast, gained some three million jobs net, Asians 1.5 million and blacks one million.”


December 18, 2016

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