December 23, 2016

Security forces reportedly kill 40, arrest 460 at protests in Congo after president refuses to leave office at the end of his term.

Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse agree to pay $12.5 billion to settle “toxic” mortgage-backed securities fraud allegations.

White Fort Worth police officer reportedly arrests a black mother and two of her daughters after she reported a white neighbor who had allegedly choked her 7 year-old son for littering.

Trump transition team reportedly asks State Department for list of employees working on gender issues and funding allocated for that purpose.

Trump tweets that the United States needs more nuclear weapons after Obama calls for $500 billion upgrade. “At a certain point, you are just making the rubble bounce higher.”   Can’t think of anything better to spend that money on…..

TSA Global Entry expedited screening customer reportedly caught with more than $195,000 in cash when redirected to regular security line after technical glitch.

Eric Trump reportedly requesting permission to hire foreign workers at his Trump Winery in Virginia.


December 23, 2016

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