December 29, 2016

Democratic party leaders, Bernie Sanders, want people to protest on January 15th against Republican party plans to cut Medicare, replace Obamacare.

South Korean investigators probe alleged 9,000 artist government blacklist.

New York will reportedly be allowing its Sikh police officers to wear beards and turbans on duty.

On Russian hacking allegations, Trump reportedly says, “I think we ought to get on with our lives.”

Video shows Fort Worth police officer shoot black suspect who was walking away from him.

Expert says many industrial accidents involving California prison labor could be avoided. “…there’s something going on in terms of not providing the training and equipment that they need.”

Trump’s secretary of labor nominee allegedly  mocked California law that requires giving employees breaks.

President Duterte of the Philippines reportedly tells crowd that he has thrown suspected criminals from a helicopter, and will do it again if he has to.

Japan’s defense minister reportedly visits shrine honoring Japanese war criminals after accompanying prime minister to Pearl Harbor.

Arizona prisoner doesn’t get birthday card from his mother due to one digit error when writing his prisoner number on the envelope, but he receives a notice from the prison telling him the card was returned. So they were not able to find him to deliver the card, but they were able to find him to deliver the rejection notice. [Correction: Original story said “Christmas card”.]

Former Israeli defense minister says army “could wind up looking like ISIS” if soldiers are allowed to shoot captured suspects.

Leads on state support for 9/11 hijackers were reportedly being pursued as late as 2012 according to FOIA documents release by FBI, despite 9/11 Commission’s claim that there was no substance to allegations of Saudi government involvement.

December 29, 2016

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