December 31, 2016

Election watchdog group finds evidence of voter suppression, voter registration tampering, illegal voter purging and inaccurate or fraudulent voting machine tabulations in 2016 primary elections.

Governor of New York commutes sentence of leftist get-away driver Judith Clark from 75 to 35 years, making her eligible for parole in 2017.

California separatist group opens embassy in Moscow.   UPDATE: Yes California says photos of foreign leaders featured in Vice News article were hung in the building’s conference room used for their press conference, not in their office. Vice News has not responded.

Milwaukee police reportedly make arrests, confiscate weapons at Black Panther food distribution event.

Gay activist reportedly commits suicide after losing lawsuit against San Diego police over his indecency arrest, after racking up $1 million in legal expenses. Will Walters claimed his arrest was discriminatory since the city “essentially allows thongs, g-strings, and other skimpy bathing suits to be worn by participants and attendees at straight special events, but not by attendees and participants at the one gay special event, Pride.”

Black Houston man’s SUV is reportedly torched, vandals painted hate slogans on the vehicle and his house.

New Mexico convenience store allegedly posts sign reading, “Obama and other Muslims not welcome here”.

NPR station in New York ridiculed for “false balance” in coverage of protests against Carl Paladino after he reportedly said that Michelle Obama should be set free in Africa to live with a gorilla. WNYC  reported that protesters were “… demanding Paladino step down for what they say are racist comments.”

More U.S. troops fighting IS have died from suicide than from combat.

Brazilian police officer reportedly arrested for murder of Greek ambassador.

December 31, 2016

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