March 9, 2017

U.S. Marines deployed in Syria. “The U.S. is authorized to have up to 500 troops in Syria.  Before the Marines arrived, roughly 300 U.S. special operations personnel were supporting local Syrian forces there.”

Fox journalist who White House spokesman said had his phones “tapped” by the Obama administration actually had his phone records and emails released to the Justice Department in connection with an investigation into the leaking of classified State Department information. “I was not wiretapped, my parents were not wiretapped, which is where you place a listening device on someone’s telephone line and you listen to their conversations.”

WhatsApp reportedly has a “backdoor” that allows “man-in-the-middle” decryption. “…re-encryption and rebroadcasting of previously undelivered messages effectively allows WhatsApp to intercept and read some users’ messages.”

China approves 38 Trump trademarks. “For all these marks to sail through so quickly and cleanly, with no similar marks, no identical marks, no issues with specifications — boy, it’s weird.”

Republicans suddenly concerned about NSA data collection overreach. “Asked today about the renewal of Section 702 in the midst of continued intelligence leaks about Trump and Russia, Nunes said, “I think it’s very problematic.””

“People’s lawyer” Lynne Stewart dies at 77. “A former teacher and librarian, Stewart was known as a people’s lawyer who represented the poor and revolutionaries.”

Hawaiian Airlines reportedly diverts flight after 66 year-old man complains to corporate office about $12 fee to use an airline blanket. “The man became upset and said he shouldn’t have to pay because it was cold…”

FBI director tells cyber security conference there is no absolute right to privacy. “… there is no place in America outside of judicial reach.”

Bernie Sanders not impressed with Trumpcare. “It is a massive transfer of wealth from working families, low-income people, (the) middle class to the top 2/10th of 1%.”

Man who spent 13 years in prison before he was exonerated by DNA evidence waited another 20 years for $175,000 in compensation. “Thirty-two states, D.C. and the federal government have laws that allow compensation for exonerees.”

CIA hacking tool leak reveals that spooks were only able to crack Signal messaging app by compromising users’ phones. “With countless users switching over to end-to-end (encryption) in recent years, it means intelligence agencies like the CIA must target individuals one by one, which, in turn, means the cost for each surveillance target goes up, and forces them to prioritize a much smaller number of people.”

Hundreds march in Washington, D.C. to protest “global gag rule”. “The policy cuts off U.S. aid for international NGOs that offer abortion services, … provide information or referrals on abortion, or advocate to make abortion more accessible.”

Honduran farmers claim World Bank loaned money to firm responsible for killings. “Over 100 farmers have been killed since November 2009 when the IFC disbursed the first half of a $30 million loan to Dinant; and the number of killings continues to grow today.”

Anti-Trump resistance movement needs to avoid being redirected by the establishment center-left says author. “For decades now, Democrats and Blair-style “Third Way” leaders have praised one another for leaving all that workerist stuff behind, for embracing globalization and the knowledge economy and the enlightened professional class and affluent Republican voters in the suburbs…. That Democrats might resist Trumpist populism by getting in touch with (real populism) hasn’t even occurred to certain liberals yet.”

Bond investor says financial system entering dangerous territory. “…our highly levered financial system is like a truckload of nitro glycerin on a bumpy road.”

Trump confidante was allegedly in touch with Guccifer 2.0 during election campaign, believed to be a Russian intelligence front. “Roger Stone, a Donald Trump confidante and longtime Republican dirty trickster, communicated privately with a Russian hacking group identified by U.S. intelligence officials as the culprit in the theft of emails related to the Democratic presidential campaign.”

Fox News commentator reportedly unhappy with Trumpcare. “You know who gets the best break in this whole thing? …Insurance companies.”

Day Without Women protests hurt women – says Fox News hostess. “I want to know if the teachers who (skipped work) today … went to the homes of all the single moms who also couldn’t go to work because they had to stay home with their kids. This is shameful and it actually hurts women and hurts women’s empowerment.”

Russians reportedly helped pay for Trump supporter and Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke’s trip to Moscow.  “Clarke’s disclosure forms reported the December 2015 trip… was partially paid for by a Russian group called The Right To Bear Arms.”   Check out the photo he posted from Russia!

Congressman tries to amend Trumpcare bill to include “insurance for everybody” as promised by Trump. “Blumenauer’s amendment would prevent any of the provisions in the American Health Care Act to take effect until the Congressional Budget Office could verify that the law would provide “coverage for all tax payers”.”

Indian man gunned down in front of his home as he returned home from work. “In Lancaster, South Carolina, police are investigating the murder of Harnish Patel—the fourth Indian man to be shot, and the second to be killed, within the last few weeks in the United States.”


March 9, 2017

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