March 12, 2017

Famines due to lack of access to food, not lack of food, says expert. “…in 1981 economist/philosopher Amartya Sen published “Poverty and Famines: An Essay on Entitlement and Deprivation,” which showed that famines actually resulted when food was available but some groups could not access it.”

Turkey and the Netherlands locked in political struggle after Dutch authorities refuse to allow Turkish government officials to hold rallies for Turkish immigrants. “Erdogan is looking to the large number of emigre Turks living in Europe, especially in Germany and the Netherlands, to help clinch victory next month in a referendum that would give the presidency sweeping new powers.”

64 year-old Florida man charged with arson after allegedly attempting to set convenience store run by Indian-Americans on fire. “St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara said the accused tried to set the store on fire because he thought the owners were Muslim, CNN reported.”

Texas Republicans used race to gerrymander elections districts says federal court. “Politically motivated redistricting is legal (!), but redistricting with an intent to reduce the influence of minority voters — either by “packing” those voters into a district, or “cracking” them among multiple districts — is not.”   Check out the map of Texas’ 35th state representative district!

Federal judge blocks Trump travel ban for Syrian refugee family. “(U.S. District Judge William Conley) issued a temporary restraining order barring enforcement against the family.”

Santa Clara police reportedly shoot unarmed, emotionally distressed young man. “He was such a nice guy, always smiling.”

Web creator Tim Berners-Lee says lack of control over our personal data, deliberate misinformation and dodgy political ads are the most worrying trends. “…there are suggestions that some political adverts – in the US and around the world – are being used in unethical ways – to point voters to fake news sites, for instance, or to keep others away from the polls.”

Banker-friendly bill with bipartisan support would reportedly protect financial institutions from lawsuits over misleading investment advice or conflicts of interest. “As it’s currently written, the Fair Access to Investment Research Act would make it harder to sue a company when it issues bogus research reports during the launch of an ETF that it manages.”

Undisclosed device vulnerabilities useful to hackers for an average of 6.9 years. “(Government) officials have long refused to say how many such attacks are in the government’s arsenal or how long it uses them before disclosing information about the vulnerabilities they exploit so software vendors can patch the holes.”

Former CIA agent accused of kidnapping in Italy says Trump administration intervened on her behalf. “De Sousa has maintained her innocence, saying she was not in Milan on the day of the abduction and did not plan the kidnap.”

U.N. says Turkish security forces attacked Kurdish residents. “Turkey’s military and police forces have killed hundreds of people during operations against Kurdish rebels in southeastern Turkey, the United Nations said on Friday in a report that listed summary killings, torture, rape and widespread destruction of property among an array of human rights abuses.”

CIA agent who exposed torture program was the only one to go to jail, says CIA is no longer under effective government control. “We killed people using (the cold cell) technique, but the torturers were never prosecuted, the people who went overboard and who killed the prisoners were never prosecuted, the CIA officer who destroyed taped evidence of the torture was never prosecuted, the lawyers who used specious legal arguments to justify it, the psychologist who invented it, nobody was ever prosecuted!”


March 12, 2017

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