March 25, 2017

Republicans botch Obamacare repeal and replace, dealmaker-in-chief fails to close the deal, many breathe a sigh of relief at not losing their health insurance. “Thwarted by two factions of fellow Republicans, from the center and far right, House Speaker Paul Ryan said President Barack Obama’s health care law, the GOP’s No. 1 target in the new Trump administration, will remain in place “for the foreseeable future”.”   Best headline: “The Art of the Fail: How Trump’s health care bill died”

Freelance journalist describes mass arrest at Trump inauguration. “They know what they’re doing,” accused Chris Aulerich, 29, who said he was a prison guard while serving in the Marines. He speculated that officers would open the doors (of the police van) only upon reaching a legal limit. “Their first words are gonna be, ‘Wow, it’s hot in here.'”…. “”Come on!” (a detainee) shouted. “What are they trying to do, kill us?!?”…. And then the rear door opened. “Damn,” the officer remarked. “It’s hot in here.”

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes reportedly refusing to disclose his source on Trump surveillance claim to other members of the committee. “Nunes on Wednesday that he had seen reports that suggest that agencies had collected intel on members of Trump’s transition team through routine surveillance of foreign targets.”

Due to current mass surveillance practices, communications of Trump campaign and administration officials almost certainly collected says activist. “… if the FBI decided to investigate you, even informally, it would, as a matter of routine practice,search through all of its collected information, including databases stuffed with information collected under Section 702, for you, any American, and anyone else in the world — without a warrant to collect initially or one to search it specifically for you.”

Philadelphia state house special election will be subject of election fraud investigation, winning Democratic Party write-in candidate reportedly received 73.5% of the vote. “Some of the issues the Task Force is investigating include the use and placement of candidate write-in stamps, electioneering inside the polling place, illegal voter assistance, and individuals writing on posted sample ballots.”

Two demonstrations in D.C. in April to call for action on climate change. March for Science, April 22nd   and   People’s Climate Movement March for Jobs, Justice and the Climate, April 29th

D.C. police say 501 girls have gone missing so far in 2017. “What the community is alarmed about — we had a 10-year-old girl missing the other day, but there was no amber alert… We just feel like, you know, if this was a white person or from another neighborhood, there would be more alarm about it.”

Former CIA director claims Mike Flynn discussed possibility of handing over Turkish opposition leader to Erdogan regime. “Woolsey told the paper that he arrived in the middle of the conversation, but said the basic idea was a “covert step in the dead of night to whisk this guy away”.”

Alex Jones retracts “Pizzagate” child sex ring story. “Jones, a staunch supporter of Donald Trump during the presidential campaign, offered no comment or apology to Clinton or Podesta for outlandish statements about their alleged involvement in the abuse of hundreds of children.”

Poll shows public wants less military spending and security, more spending on education. “The gaps between the public’s proposed budget and the Trump administration’s budget are quite substantial,” said survey director Steven Kull of the University of Maryland, “especially when it comes to military spending.”

Comedian from Singapore granted asylum in the U.S. after jail term. “He was accused of hurting the religious feelings of Muslims and Christians in the multi-ethnic city-state; Yee is an atheist. However, many of his blog and social media posts criticized Singapore’s leaders.”

Derailed Amtrak train sideswipes commuter train at Penn Station, no one injured. “As (the Acela Express) listed, it scraped the side of a New Jersey Transit train that was coming into the station…”

As death rates plummet for white Europeans, Canadians and Australians, death rates for white Americans remain steady after slight dip in late 1990s. “Fifteen years ago, middle-aged whites in the United States were neck and neck with their German counterparts. Now, middle-aged white Americans are 45 percent more likely to die than middle-aged Germans.”

Supporters of “Medicare for all” national health insurance plan urge Democrats to go on the offensive after Trumpcare fail. “For all the improvements under the ACA, primarily the expansion of Medicaid and crackdown on some insurance abuses, the ACA still left 28 million without health coverage, and millions more struggling with un-payable medical bills and escalating out of pocket costs.”

Trump’s son Eric says he will give his father quarterly updates on the family’s business interests, which the president has allegedly failed to completely divest himself of.   “This of course makes no difference for conflict of interest purposes because it is his ownership of the businesses that creates conflicts of interest, regardless of who manages them.”

Louisiana deputy found guilty of manslaughter in death of six year-old boy. “Video from a police officer’s body camera shows the father, Christopher Few, had his hands raised inside his vehicle while the two deputies collectively fired 18 shots.”

Poll shows 53% of Americans now oppose oil drilling on federal land. “The results marked the first time since the research organization began posing the question in 2012 that the percentage opposed to opening public lands for drilling outnumbered those who favored it…”

Baltimore’s mayor blocks $15/hr. minimum wage after passage by city council. “The measure would (have boosted) pay for about 100,000 workers, or 27 percent of the city’s workforce…”


March 25, 2017

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