March 26, 2017

Anti-corruption protest held in Russia, arrests reported. “Thousands came out on Moscow’s central Tverskaya street for the unsanctioned protests and were met by a heavy police presence, which began detaining demonstrators en masse around 30 minutes after the rallies began.”

Mass arrests at anti-government protests in Belarus. “Demonstrators tried to march down one of the major streets in Minsk, but were blocked by police who began arresting them, along with journalists covering the protest.”

Hong Kong “election committee” chooses territory’s new leader, pro-democracy protesters object. “Outside the waterfront-facing Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, where members of the election committee had cast their ballots for two hours earlier that morning, protesters rallied against the decision and the fact that they did not have any votes in this election.”

Thousands protest “Brexit” in London. “The Brexit vote has caused a deep schism within British politics, but May is determined to press ahead with plans to quit the EU.”

Self-driving Uber vehicle crashes in Tempe, Arizona. “”There was a person behind the wheel. It is uncertain at this time if they were controlling the vehicle at the time of the collision,” (police) spokeswoman Josie Montenegro said.”

54 disabled protesters, most in wheelchairs, arrested at Capitol. “Members of the group ADAPT, which organizes disability rights activists, were protesting against the American Health Care Act currently being debated in Congress and proposed cuts to Medicaid.”   So do the police have a lift van to transport people in wheelchairs to jail?

Appeals court rules that deputy who knocked on man’s door and then shot him was justified because the man was holding a gun – the officer was looking for a suspect in the neighborhood. “(The deputy) failed to identify himself as a law enforcement officer at any point. He had no warrant and no reason to suspect that Scott or his girlfriend had committed a crime. He did not attempt to engage with Scott at all after he opened the door; he simply shot him dead.”

Bill would make Trump log his visitors when staying at his resorts. “Amid reports Saturday that President Donald Trump would spend his afternoon “holding meetings” at a golf course he owns in Virginia, grassroots support is growing for a new bill introduced late this week that would force the president to provide visitor logs for Trump-owned properties where he conducts official government business.”

Los Angeles police reportedly fatally shoot man fleeing area where gunshots had been heard. “They tried to stop the person and a shooting occurred, the statement read….  Additional details about the incident were not immediately available.”

Estimated amount of oil spilled by North Dakota pipeline triples to 530,000 gallons. “The site of the spill is roughly 150 miles from Cannon Ball, where protesters aligned with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe camped out in opposition to the Dakota Access pipeline for months.”

“Retail apocalypse” as thousands of shops close. “More than 3,500 stores are expected to close in the next couple of months.”

1.1 million defaulted on their student loans in 2016, raising the total number of student loan borrowers in default to 4.2 million. “Despite a booming stock market and falling unemployment, student loan borrowers in today’s economy are still struggling.”

Watch out! Obamacare is exploding! “U.S. President Donald Trump said on Friday that Obamacare was “exploding” after Republican lawmakers shelved legislation that would have dismantled the healthcare law. ”

Palm Beach County Republican Party reportedly rents Mar-a-Lago ballroom for $150,000, Melania Trump makes an appearance.

Israeli troops accused of detaining 8 year-old. “B’Tselem, which posted the video, said the soldiers led Sufian Abu Hitah around the neighborhood to identify other boys whom they suspected of having thrown stones and a Molotov cocktail at a nearby Jewish settlement.”,7340,L-4940064,00.html

14 Chicago police officers reportedly escaped punishment for misconduct because police officials “forgot”. “Guilty, but forgotten, the officers and their cases languished in a sort of disciplinary purgatory as officials failed to ensure that the punishments were meted out.”

Video allegedly shows Israeli police officer beating Palestinian truck driver. “The video shows the officer headbutting, slapping, kicking and punching the man, before turning to attack a pair of men seeking to restrain him.”

March 26, 2017

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