March 27, 2017

Mass arrests at anti-Putin protests in Russia. “…the rally’s organizers and independent monitors claimed that some 20,000 showed up and at least 880 people were detained in the capital alone by heavily armed, baton-wielding riot police officers.”   Outrageous! It’s only a matter of time until the Russian police start shooting people…

U.S. State Department condemns mass arrests of protesters in Russia. “Detaining peaceful protesters, human rights observers, and journalists is an affront to core democratic values.”   America will not tolerate mass arrests of protesters, human rights observers and journalists by militarized police! In other countries.

Teen blogger who received asylum in U.S. after being jailed for YouTube video rants in Singapore was held longer by U.S. immigration than by his own government. “The US Department of Homeland Security had opposed Yee’s asylum application, saying the Singapore government had legitimately prosecuted Yee.”

Democrats still in denial? Joe Biden regrets not running for president. “I had planned on running for president and although it would have been a very difficult primary, I think I could have won.”   Sorry Joe, only one person in the race could have defeated The Trumpster, and your party wouldn’t even let him be Hillary’s vice president. Sad!

Leader of France’s far-right “National Front” party says sanctions on Russia should be lifted. “Russian President Vladimir Putin held an unprecedented meeting with French presidential contender Marine Le Pen at the Kremlin Friday, hours after the National Front leader had urged a joint fight against terrorism and an end to European Union sanctions against his country.”

Teens wearing leotards/leggings/yoga pants barred from boarding United flight, another child passenger allowed to board after putting on a dress. “We want people to be comfortable when they travel as long as its neat and in good taste for that environment.”   Terrorists now using spandex to bring down planes?

Scuffles erupt at pro-Trump rallies around the country between supporters and protesters, some arrested.

Woman reportedly arrested for third time for trying to enter White House grounds. “A woman was arrested early Sunday after scaling a fence near the White House — the third time she has been taken into custody near the presidential residence in less than a week, the Secret Service said.”–for-the-third-time/2017/03/26/cf624dde-1260-11e7-ada0-1489b735b3a3_story.html   Trump has groupies? Must be the hairstyle.

Republican senator tells constituents to “bring it on” when he is up for election in 2020. “…he told voters that their boos and anger weren’t persuading him to change his positions.”

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers reportedly arrested 26 parolees in Fort Worth as they reported for community service. “These individuals were following the law by showing up to do their community service. In the act of doing the right thing they were rounded up like cattle.”

Wikileaks disputes Apple’s claims that it fixed vulnerabilities exploited by CIA. “EFI [Extensible Firmware Interface] is a systemic problem, not a zero-day [vulnerability in software or hardware that can be exploited to hack systems and is often later patched.]”

Trump spends weekend at Trump National Golf Club in “meetings”. “It was not immediately clear from pool reports who the president was planning to meet with.”

Sanders to introduce single-payer health insurance bill. “The Vermont senator said Sunday that he was willing to work with both Democrats and Republicans to provide “insurance for all,” two days after the GOP leadership’s American Health Care Act was pulled from the House floor to avoid a legislative defeat.”

Iraqi VP calls Mosul siege a “humanitarian catastrophe”. ““The recent high death toll among civilians inside the Old City forced us to halt operations to review our plans,” a Federal Police spokesman said.”

Jewish groups protest lobbying organization that supports Israeli “settlers”. “The activists, who oppose AIPAC’s support for the policies of the current Israeli government on the settlements, carried signs and chanted calls to end the occupation.”

Some media outlets accused of going after black VICTIM of white supremacist stabbing by detailing his previous offenses, tacking on unrelated story about attack on New York City police by black suspect from Baltimore. “The reader is provided with no indication of (the suspect’s) criminal record, or whether there was any attempt to find it out, but somehow the rap sheet of the murder victim was primed and ready to go.”


March 27, 2017

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