May 2, 2017

Lawyers for Democratic Party say they have no legal obligation to hold fair primaries. “… attorneys representing the DNC claim that the Democratic National Committee would be well within their rights to “go into back rooms like they used to and smoke cigars and pick the candidate that way.”   “The DNC is now openly admitting that it deceived and manipulated the American people into a situation where they’re both unable to elect third parties and unable to select who will run against the GOP. All so that they won’t have to give Bernie supporters back their 27 bucks.”

Principal complains about racism, is allegedly investigated for ties to communists. “In November, the John Jay Campus girls’ volleyball coach told (Principal) Bloomberg the team was “singled out, humiliated and treated like criminals by the school safety agents at another, predominately white school”.”

Ten of thousands march on May Day, dozens arrested. “Tens of thousands across the country peacefully chanted, picketed and protested Monday against President Donald Trump’s immigration and labor policies on May Day, despite a small pocket of violent unrest in the Pacific Northwest.”

L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. reportedly promotes employees disciplined for misconduct to high-ranking positions. “You can’t promote people with [misconduct] problems but then fire lower-level people for those same issues.”

White House reportedly exploring ways to sue media over negative news coverage. “White House press secretary Sean Spicer confirmed Monday that the Trump administration is actively—and in his words “substantively”—reviewing the nation’s libel laws as it explores ways it could more easily sidestep First Amendment protections and target press coverage or news stories it deems objectionable.”

Dallas area officers who fatally shot teenage passenger in moving car reportedly violated federal guidelines. “Jordan (Edwards, 15,) was in the passenger seat of a car authorities say was being driven backwards in an “aggressive manner” when a Balch Springs, Texas, officer opened fire.”

Australian man detained at border reportedly ends up overstaying his visa by one hour, is taken to detention center. “Sydney man Baxter Reid, 26, was in the US on a five-year visa and had travelled to Canada as part of a requirement for him to exit and re-enter America every six months to keep his visa valid.”

First quarter GDP growth less than 1%. “The US economy turned in the weakest performance in three years in the January-March quarter as consumers sharply slowed their spending.”

Facebook accused of targeting teens for advertising based on their emotional state. “Internal documents from Facebook obtained by “The Australian” appear to show executives at the company monitoring the content of posts and comments to discern the mood of users—information which could then be provided to advertisers.”

Most Americans reportedly favor cutting military spending. “Given their druthers, voters surveyed by PPC said they’d prefer to cut the 2017 Obama defense budget by $41 billion — not increase it by $54 billion.”

Republican House member Chaffetz reportedly gets surgery for pre-existing foot injury, but it’s covered because he’s got Obamacare. “President Donald Trump has promised to protect guarantees for people with pre-existing conditions, but a GOP amendment would allow states to opt out of those Obamacare protections.”

Afghan civilian casualties at record high. “Conflict-related civilian casualties reached their highest levels since the U.N. began documenting them in 2009, the report states, with 3,498 civilians killed and 7,920 injured.”

Venezuelan government proposes new political body. “(President) Maduro, 54, has triggered an article of the constitution that creates a super-body known as a “constituent assembly”…. Only half of the 500-member assembly, or less, would be elected and political parties would not participate, he said.”

May 2, 2017

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