May 3, 2017

No charges for officers involved in Alton Sterling shooting. “The decision not to charge the officers has raised concerns among civil rights activists that the Sessions-led DOJ under Trump will not aggressively go after officers who are accused of misconduct.”

Barrett Brown released from prison, still unclear why he was rearrested. “Barrett Lancaster Brown transferred from home confinement to Federal Correction Institute (FCI) Seagoville in Texas yesterday, April 27, 2017, but we can not disclose the reason(s) for a specific inmate’s transfer of locations.”

Supreme Court may hear case of man sentenced to prison for six years because software predicted he would re-offend. “The report in Mr. Loomis’s case was produced by a product called Compas, sold by Northpointe Inc. It included a series of bar charts that assessed the risk that Mr. Loomis would commit more crimes.”

D.C. approves Newsham as police chief, despite accusations of mass arrests. “On Monday, Newsham’s critics continued a last-ditch appeal to slow down the council’s vote as they criticized the department’s arrest of more than 200 people during Inauguration Day protests that turned violent. The group contends that bystanders and law- abiding protesters were swept up indiscriminately.”

Legal hurdles often prevent effective prosecution of police officers for use of excessive force. “The Slager trial was an example, one among many, of how poorly the legal system functions as a remedy or a deterrent for bad police shootings, which some law enforcement professionals now refer to as “lawful but awful”.”

Gallery of persecuted and assassinated journalists on World Press Freedom Day. “Imprisoned, tortured, murdered: journalists doing their jobs become the targets of governments, drug cartels, or “ideological fighters”.

Most of the French voters who backed leftist candidate Melenchon say they will not vote for Macron. “About a third of members of far-left politician Jean-Luc Melenchon’s political movement will cast their second round French presidential election vote for centrist Emmanuel Macron, results showed, with the remainder planning to cast a blank vote or abstain.”   I think I’ve seen this movie before….

Trump to reportedly sign “religious liberty” executive order allowing business and individuals to discriminate against the public based on their religious views. “The American Civil Liberties Union… signaled that it would sue if Trump “signs an order that would allow religion to be used as an excuse to discriminate”. ”

Public schools increasingly segregated by race and wealth. “In their analysis of large districts, Owens, Reardon, and Jencks found that segregation between poor and non-poor students in public schools grew more than 40 percent from 1991 to 2012. Rising residential segregation by income has fueled that growth, as most children attend their local public school.”

What does it cost to buy a vote in Congress? “The results indicate that for every $100,000 that Democratic representatives received from (the financial industry), the odds they would break with their party’s majority support for the Dodd-Frank legislation increased by 13.9 percent.”

Immigration detention centers may be designated as “childcare facilities” to allow longer periods of incarceration if legislation written by private prison firm is passed. “Republican State Rep. John Raney admitted to the Associated Press that Geo Group officials wrote the legislation.”

Police now admit car was driving away when 15 year-old passenger was fatally shot by Texas officer. “Shots from his rifle pierced the front side passenger window, hitting Edwards in the front seat, according to Edwards’ family attorneys, Lee Merritt and Jasmine Crockett.”   None of the news outlets seem to be reporting exactly what kind of rifle was involved. Video reportedly exists but has not been released to the public.


May 3, 2017

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