May 14, 2017

Trump administration signs free trade deal with China. “The agreement is seen as an indication that US President Donald Trump is adopting a less confrontational approach with Beijing than he promised during last year’s election campaign.”

Deaf woman traveling to Hawaii detained for no apparent reason, then jailed and deported. “At the detention center, which is near the airport, she again asked for an American Sign Language interpreter, but didn’t receive one, the complaint said. Instead, staff members tried to ask her questions by using a Japanese translator on the phone, but the woman can’t hear people talking on the phone…”

Michelle Obama says kids should get healthy food for lunch at school, even if they don’t like it. “Kids don’t like math either. What are we going to do? Stop teaching math?”

For-profit bail bond companies only allowed to operate in U.S. and the Philippines, are a money maker for multinational insurance companies. “While bail-bond services are often associated with the myriad small storefronts that can be found in poor communities across the country, many of them, the report finds, are actually run by large global insurance companies.”

Comey offers to testify in public. “Though James Comey, the former director of the FBI whose firing by President Donald Trump sparked political uproar this week, has reportedly declined an invitation to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee behind closed doors about his controversial ouster, he is reportedly willing to answer lawmakers’ questions in open session if given the opportunity.”

Sonoma State University police refuse to identify officer who shot fleeing suspect twice in the back. “Authorities claim he was reaching for a gun in his waistband moments before the officer shot him.”   Luckily for the officer, the man was accidentally facing in the wrong direction.

Man sues after being attacked by police dog during traffic stop. “The video does depict Mr. Cicco getting out of his vehicle with both hands palms out and raised and then he only retreats into his vehicle as officer releases the K-9.”

Man claims officers dragged him out of his car window because they were angry, breaking his arm in three places. “There was absolutely no need for officers to drag defendant through the open window.”

Former Bush Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice admits interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan were not about establishing democracies. “We didn’t go to Iraq to bring democracy to Iraq, we went to Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein…”

Thailand threatens legal action if Facebook refuses to remove anti-monarchists posts. “More than 100 people found posting, sharing or even liking critical Facebook posts about the monarchy have been prosecuted since the country’s military government seized power in 2014.”

U.S. and Iraqi airstrikes allegedly kill more than 60 civilians in one day.

Argentine protesters march against reduced sentences for prisoners from U.S.-backed “Dirty War”. “…tens of thousands of people poured into the streets Wednesday to protest a Supreme Court ruling in favor of a member of a dictatorship-era paramilitary group who was convicted of kidnapping and torturing people during Argentina’s so-called Dirty War.”

Mexican drug war ranked as second deadliest conflict after civil war in Syria. “The third, fourth and fifth most dangerous countries were Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen.”

May 14, 2017

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