May 17, 2017

Unnamed “federal investigator” also claims that Seth Rich leaked DNC emails to Wikileaks. ““I have seen and read the emails between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks,” the federal investigator told Fox News, confirming the MacFadyen connection.”

Comey reportedly claimed in memo that Trump asked him to drop Flynn/Russia investigation. “I hope you can let this go.”

Anti-Erdogan protesters reportedly bloodied by his supporters during protest outside Turkish embassy in Washington. “They think they can engage in the same sort of suppression of protest and free speech that they engage in in Turkey.”

New Jersey police officers reportedly paid a median salary of $105,000 a year. “Englewood, for instance, has a median household income of $75,074. Englewood cops, however, were paid a median salary of almost twice that amount –$142,561.”

Cruise ship condos give multi-millionaires a place to escape to. “… every one of the 165 luxury apartments on board — worth between $3 million for a studio and $15 million for a three-bedroom pad — are owned by residents who must have a net worth of $10 million. At least.”

Coal executive who served a year in prison on misdemeanor charge after mine explosion killed 29 asks Trump to spare other coal executives from a similar fate. “Former Massey CEO Don Blankenship has asked President Donald Trump to resist attempts in Congress to enhance criminal penalties for coal executives who violate mine safety and health standards.”

Trump allegedly asked Comey to charge journalists who publish classified information. “Alone in the Oval Office, Mr. Trump began the discussion by condemning leaks to the news media, saying that Mr. Comey should consider putting reporters in prison for publishing classified information, according to one of Mr. Comey’s associates.”

Facebook ads key to Trump and Brexit wins. “Those in charge of the digital campaigns for Donald Trump’s Republican Party and the political consultant behind Leave EU’s referendum strategy are clear the social network was decisive in both wins.”

Self-administered abortion pills after on-line doctor screening found safe for 90% of women who responded to survey. “The researchers said less than 10 percent reported symptoms of a potentially serious complication like very heavy bleeding, fever or persistent pain, comparable to the rates for women who seek medical abortions at clinics where abortion is legal.”

Britain’s Labour Party unveils its new “For the many, not the few” program. “The manifesto includes pledges to raise taxes on the wealthy, nationalize public services, build affordable housing, invest in education, and, in what became a viral crowd favorite, install free WiFi on trains.”

Trump counter-terrorism official reportedly wants to hide transcript of Trump’s discussion with Russians. “For the purpose of transparency, the White House should share a transcript of the meeting with the House and Senate intelligence committees.”

FBI agents reportedly made fake documentary about Bundy family in order to collect evidence. “The story of the FBI’s fake documentary crew, revealed in more than 100 hours of video and audio recordings obtained by The Intercept, offers an unprecedented window into how federal law enforcement agents impersonate journalists to gain access to criminal suspects.”

Christian group holds banquet at Trump International Hotel the day after VP Pence speaks to their group. “Summit organizers told The Intercept that “800-plus” people attended the dinner.”

Artist projects “Pay Trump Bribes Here” on the side of Trump International Hotel. “Bell’s efforts lasted around 10 minutes before a security guard walked up to his van and stood in front of his projector…”

Congresswoman demands classified briefings “so that Congress can at least know as much as Russian leaders”.

Death toll in Venezuelan protests climbs to 42. “Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets in recent weeks, angry about food shortages, a medical crisis and soaring inflation.”


May 17, 2017

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