May 21, 2017

Georgia residents say they were jailed because cop THOUGHT they had used marijuana. “Okay, so when I do a drug test, I’ll be free to go, correct?” “You’re going to jail, ma’am. Okay? I don’t have a magical drug test that I can give you right now.”

Trump signs $109 billion military deal with Saudis. “Ultimately, the two sides were able to reach an agreement on a weapons package that amounts to nearly $110 billion in tanks, fighter jets, combat ships and the THAAD missile defense system, according to the White House.”

Homeland Security-bound Sheriff Clarke accused of failing to note direct quotations in his masters thesis. “In each of the 47 instances, Clarke appears to have attributed sources in footnotes but failed to use quotation marks around language that was lifted verbatim or partially verbatim.”

Several former CIA agents tell New York Times reporter (!) that China killed off the agency’s Chinese informants. “It is not clear whether the CIA was hacked or whether a mole helped the Chinese to identify the (sources), officials told the paper.”

CIA was reportedly working to develop tech suspected to have been used in Michael Hastings crash according to Wikileaks files. “The trove of secret information, which allegedly comes from the CIA’s Cyber Intelligence Center, suggests US spies have explored hacking into vehicles remotely to carry out “undetectable assassinations”.

Man wanted for tampering with drug test fatally shot after license plate reader tips off police. “Boak ignored their commands, police said, driving the truck into an officer and pinning him against another vehicle.”

Man claims police broke his jaw after argument over signing release papers. “Police said Johnson was taken to Heritage Valley Beaver hospital for treatment of the injuries he suffered at the police station.”

Two men sue Trenton, New Jersey police department over excessive force in separate incidents. “To justify the unconstitutional misconduct, the Trenton Police Department charged Derry with multiple charges which were baseless and false,” Whalen wrote. “For example, they charged him with weapons offenses, even though Dwayne had no weapon and no weapon was found at the scene.”

Additional Exxon subpoenas issued in climate change coverup case. “Investigators have taken depositions of company executives and issued additional subpoenas to determine whether the company may have destroyed evidence connected to an alias email used by former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson.”

Department of Justice orders non-profit legal assistance group to stop helping immigrants. “The letter demanded that NWIRP drop representation of its clients and close down its asylum-advisory program.”

Why Trump went to Saudi Arabia: Saudis to invest billions in U.S., shoring up Trump’s re-election prospects. “Prince Salman walked Trump through the Powerpoint slideshow (Booz Allen Hamilton) prepared, outlining a plan to invest at least $200 billion in American infrastructure and open up new business opportunities for U.S. companies inside the kingdom.”

May 21, 2017

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