May 27, 2017

Trump White House official and son-in-law Jared Kushner reportedly failed to report meetings with sanctioned Russian bank official and Russian ambassador on security clearance application. “Investigators are now trying to sort out a series of questions about Kushner’s role, among them why he failed to disclose meetings with Russians on an application for a security clearance…”

Federal appeals court rules against Trump administration on Muslim travel ban. “In a 10-to-3 decision, the Richmond-based court said the president’s power to deny entry into the United States is not absolute and sided with challengers, finding that the travel ban “in context drips with religious intolerance, animus and discrimination”.”

Legislators upset about violence against protesters – when it’s committed by foreigner agents. “We just wish our members of Congress held our own police to these same standards.”

House bill would restore some internet privacy protections and expand them to cover social media and other internet firms. “Blackburn’s bill would level the playing field by putting all internet firms under FTC jurisdiction but at a higher level of opt-in consumer protection.”

U.S. ambassador to Israel reportedly does face palm when Trump tells Israelis in Jerusalem that he just returned from a visit to the Middle East. “… Dermer instinctively reacted to the flub by putting his palm to his forehead.”

Owner of real estate agency sentenced to life in prison for kidnappings, sexual assaults, deaths of seven. “Kohlhepp… confessed to killing four people at Superbike Motorsports in Spartanburg County after becoming enraged by an employee who mocked his experience as a biker.”

Houston teacher accused of giving students “Most likely to become a terrorist”, “Most likely to be homeless in Guatemala” and “Most likely to blend in with white people” awards.

Fox News crew witnessed Gianforte attack on journalist, refused to give the reporter their names. “He asked Faith, Keith and myself for our names. In shock, we did not answer.”

Congressional Budget Office report says Trumpcare will not protect people with pre-existing conditions from large premium increases. “…people who are less healthy (including those with preexisting or newly acquired medical conditions) would ultimately be unable to purchase comprehensive nongroup health insurance at premiums comparable to those under current law, if they could purchase it at all.”

Kushner allegedly approached Russian ambassador about setting up a secret “back channel”. “Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, spoke last December with Russia’s ambassador to the United States about establishing a secret communications channel between the Trump transition team and Moscow to discuss strategy in Syria and other policy issues, according to three people with knowledge of the discussion.”

Facebook CEO tells Harvard grads that  “universal basic income” would give more people a chance to be creative. “We should explore ideas like universal basic income to make sure that everyone has a cushion to try new ideas.”

Average CEO got an 8.5% pay raise in 2016. “Over the past five years, median CEO pay in the survey has jumped by 19.6 percent… nearly double the 10.9 percent rise in the typical weekly paycheck for full-time employees across the country.”

Iraqi special forces unit accused of torture and extrajudicial killings. “We don’t take prisoners.”

Kushner allegedly asked Russian ambassador if he could use their embassy for secure channel with Russia. “What information would the Trump team want to make sure is hidden from U.S. intelligence?”

Judge finds DAPL protester not guilty of drone attack. “The defendant did not fly the drone at the plane. He did not fly the drone in a reckless manner over either the people or at the plane.”

Corbyn says “war on terror” not working. “Many experts, including professionals in our intelligence and security services have pointed to the connections between wars our government has supported or fought in other countries, such as Libya, and terrorism here at home.”

Man leading Trump program to privatize public infrastructure, Gary Cohn, is a former Goldman Sachs president. “Left unsaid in the White House promotional materials was any mention that the Trump aide who is overseeing the initiative comes from a Wall Street firm that says it is seeking to buy up the very same kind of assets the Trump administration plans to sell off.” /political-capital/trump-administration-conflicts-interest-how-gary-cohn-could-sell-us-infrastructure

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court reprimands U.S. intelligence agencies for abusing their powers to monitor U.S. citizens. “U.S. intelligence agencies conducted illegal surveillance on American citizens over a five-year period, a practice that earned them a sharp rebuke from a secret court that called the matter a “very serious” constitutional issue.”

Group claims more than 100 civilians killed in U.S. coalition air strikes in al-Mayadin, Syria. “The Observatory said more than 40 children were among those killed in the strikes, which leveled al-Mayadin’s municipality building.”

U.S. allies, more susceptible to public pressure, refuse to admit civilian airstrike casualties. “Though these dozen partner nations – which include Britain, France, Australia, Belgium and the Netherlands – have launched more than 4,000 airstrikes between them, they have so far claimed a perfect record in avoiding civilian casualties.”

“Wounded Warrior Project” charity spent only 68 cents of every dollar donated on veterans programs says Grassley report. “It also found the charity… misled donors about more than $65 million placed in a long-term trust that had not yet been spent on veterans (and) spent “excessive amounts” of money on travel, as well as fundraising and staff events.”


May 27, 2017

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