May 30, 2017

Texas lawmakers get physical, trade threats after one allegedly brags about calling ICE on protesters opposed to bill against “sanctuary cities”. “GOP state Rep. Matt Rinaldi says he called Immigration and Customs Enforcement on the protesters, several of whom carried signs proclaiming “I am illegal and here to stay”.”

German government unhappy with “short-sighted” Trump administration policies that have “weakened the west”. “Anyone who accelerates climate change by weakening environmental protection, who sells more weapons in conflict zones and who does not want to politically resolve religious conflicts is putting peace in Europe at risk.”

Portland’s mayor asks National Park Service to cancel “free speech rally”, ACLU says that would be illegal. “The government cannot revoke or deny a permit based on the viewpoint of the demonstrators. Period.”

Dashcam video shows Georgia police officer hit speeds of 107 mph during chase, fired 21 shots at fleeing teens, hitting all three of them and killing one. The officer was cleared of any charges but resigned according to video.

Many veteran suicides due to “moral injuries”. “The whole concept is that we all have a moral system that if we are forced to violate it, that has huge consequences.”

John F. Kennedy, if still alive, would have turned 100 on Memorial Day. “He ran for president as a cold warrior and ramped up U.S. military presence in Vietnam. But in the last year of his life, he called for an end to the Cold War.”

Populist leader Nasser Zafzafi arrested in Morocco. “Anthropologist Miriyam Aouragh has described the Al Hoceima uprising as the “unfinished business” of Moroccan “Arab Spring” activists, and some on social media have been calling the latest wave of widespread demonstrations the “new February 20,” referring to the movement of 2011.”

Car theft suspect fatally shot by Vacaville, California police after chase. “Officers fired four shots through the windshield of the car, killing the suspect. Authorities won’t say exactly why officers fired at the vehicle.”

Warren, Ohio man sues police for breaking his arm, denying him medical treatment. “White says that although he complained several times about his injury, neither Martin, nor police officer Jason McCollum, nor anyone at the Trumbull County Jail believed him or offered him medical treatment.”

Jaguar Land Rover has record sales year in China and U.S. “Jaguar Land Rover has delivered a record year of sales bolstered by demand for luxury cars in China and North America.”

Bush accused of waging war for political gain. “Every country has a militaristic right-wing, and nothing helps that right-wing triumph over their domestic enemies more than a state of war.”


May 30, 2017

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