August 8, 2017

Trump, Republicans and Democrats all favor business interests over “average Americans” say Republican voters. “Nine in 10 said (Trump) sides with corporations over regular people. Everyone in this focus group said congressional Republicans side with corporations, as well, while eight of the 10 said Democrats side with corporations.”

New York City medical examiner withholds name of newly identified 9/11 victim. “The victim’s name was withheld at his family’s request, the ME’s office said.”    How can this not be a public record? People can be killed anonymously in the United States now? What about governments that make their troublesome citizens “disappear”?

Obama attorney generals Holder and Lynch used alias email accounts to discuss official business. “Loretta Lynch used the alias “Elizabeth Carlisle” for official emails as attorney general, including those related to her infamous tarmac meeting last summer with former President Clinton.”

Campbell, California police officer allegedly held passenger in car of speeding suspect at gunpoint for 9 minutes. “…(the) man sitting in the vehicle’s passenger seat — the target of the officer’s gun — maintained throughout the incident that he had simply been reaching for some papers on the floor to try to find the vehicle’s license and registration, as requested.”

Google employee who complained about diversity programs likely protected under employment laws. “It is unlawful for an employer to discipline an employee for challenging conduct that the employee reasonably believed to be discriminatory, even when a court later determines the conduct was not actually prohibited by the discrimination laws.”

Health insurer pulls out of Obamacare market, cites uncertainty about continuation of government subsidies. “(Insurers) have grown increasingly jittery over participating in Obamacare amid the uncertainty emanating from Washington D.C., particularly as President Trump’s threatens to stop paying a key set of subsidies.”

44% of Americans make less than $15 an hour. “Meanwhile, the richest Americans continue to accumulate exorbitant wealth.”

Fines on Wall Street firms drop by almost 2/3rds under Trump administration. “According to a Wall Street Journal analysis published Sunday, it appears that the nation’s largest financial institutions are benefiting greatly from having their friends in government.”   But Trump was unable to drop below Obama administration’s record of zero top Wall Street executives charged with criminal offenses.

Bernie Sanders accuses Big Pharma of making Americans pay twice for the world’s most expensive prescription drugs. “… Americans pay twice. First we pay to create these lifesaving drugs (by giving pharmaceutical companies federal tax dollars for research), then we pay high prices to buy those drugs.”

U.S. military exploring the use of small, “usable” nuclear weapons. “(Air Force Gen. Paul) Selva said the U.S. needs to be able launch a nuclear attack on an adversary without ending the world or causing massive “indiscriminate” casualties.”

Turkey claims Germany is sheltering thousands of “terrorists”. “We gave (German Chancellor Angela) Merkel 4,500 dossiers, but have not received an answer on a single one of them.”


August 8, 2017

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