August 9, 2017

Country’s enemy will “face fire and fury like the world has never seen,” says Kim Jong Un. Oh, sorry, that should be “…says Donald Trump”. “… North Korea is a real threat, but the President’s unhinged reaction suggests he might consider using American nuclear weapons in response to a nasty comment from a North Korean despot.”

Leaked draft of government report says climate change is real and human activity is to blame. “Contradicting Trump’s claims that climate change is a “hoax,” the draft report representing the consensus of 13 federal agencies concludes that the evidence global warming is being driven by human activities is “unambiguous”.”

Secretary of Health and Human Services says no need for opioid “state of emergency” recommended by commission. “We believe that at this point, the resources that we need or the focus that we need to bring to bear to the opioid crises can be addressed without the declaration of an emergency.”   Might involve restrictions on pharmaceutical companies?

Shorter lives, fewer families for post-industrial American men. “As middle-income workers are pushed down the economic ladder — going from relatively higher-wage factory jobs to, say, minimum-wage retail jobs — it’s making it harder for lower-income workers to pull themselves up.”

Biggest student loan company failed to direct struggling borrowers into income based repayment plans. “Navient employees… should have steered borrowers to White House-promoted plans that could’ve allowed zero-dollar payments based on earnings and eventually led to debt forgiveness, officials said.”


August 9, 2017

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