August 10, 2017

Senator reasserts Congress’s constitutional power to declare war. “If one of the military options that the administration is looking at is a preemptive war on the Korean peninsula launched by the United States, that would require the authorization of Congress.”

FBI conducts 5 a.m. raid on home of former Trump campaign manager. “In order to get a search warrant, FBI agents had to swear to their belief that fruits of a crime would be found in Manafort’s home.”

Russia flies surveillance plane over Washington, D.C. for “treaty verification”. “The United States carries out similar surveillance flights through the treaty while using an OC-135B, an Air Force observation jet.”

Trump reportedly asked a foreign policy advisor why the U.S. doesn’t use nuclear weapons more often. “Donald Trump asked a foreign policy expert advising him why the U.S. can’t use nuclear weapons, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said on the air Wednesday, citing an unnamed source who claimed he had spoken with the GOP presidential nominee.”

Canada to set up border camp for asylum seekers fleeing the U.S. “Heated tents will accommodate up to 500 people as Canadian border officials process mainly Haitians walking into Canada from the United States.”

Protesters demanding the release of Trump’s tax returns inflate 30 foot Trump rooster balloon across from White House. “The Trump Chicken, which was parked on the Ellipse facing 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has been used before by organizers of the Tax Day March to pressure President Donald Trump to release his tax returns, CBS News reported.”

Indiana may be model for Trump’s plan to rebuild national infrastructure using private money. “It is clear to anyone who has driven on the (Indiana) toll road that conditions have worsened, and continued state or local ownership could have avoided this situation.”

Trump spiritual advisor Robert Jeffress reportedly says God supports regime change in North Korea. “God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong-un.”

Proposal to “privatize” war in Afghanistan being pitched by security contractor with links to Chinese government. “(Erik) Prince became the chairman of FSG in 2014, and he’s currently its largest shareholder, according to the company’s 2016 annual report. Another substantial shareholder is CITIC Group, a state-owned Chinese conglomerate.”

Supreme Court case to decide if police can obtain cell phone location data from service providers without a warrant. “The government holds such actions are lawful as cell-site data is considered a business record not a personal record.”

Number of deaths from opioids and heroin under-reported since drug causing overdose is frequently unspecified on death certificates. “The study found opioid deaths nationwide were 24 percent higher than reported rates, while heroin fatalities were 22 percent greater.”

Little change in police tactics or legal accountability three years after death of Michael Brown. “…since Michael Brown’s death, police killings have continued at an alarming rate, with 1,134 in 2015 and 1,093 in 2016.”

After Trump threatens attack on North Korea, North Korea threatens attack on staging area for possible U.S. strike. “The Department of Defense would deploy B-1B bombers in a pre-emptive attack on North Korea if the commander-in-chief ordered such a strike, NBC News reported Wednesday, citing two current and two former senior military officials.”

Monsanto accused of editing scholarly article that downplayed risks of using Roundup. “Monsanto’s internal emails… (show) the company’s chief of regulatory science, William Heydens, and other Monsanto scientists were heavily involved in organizing, reviewing, and editing drafts submitted by the outside experts.”

Some doctors received kick-backs for prescribing powerful pain medication to their patients. “Researchers at Boston Medical Center found that from 2013 to 2015, 68,177 doctors received more than $46 million in payments from drug companies pushing powerful painkillers.”

U.S. policy lobbying group allegedly funded by huge foreign donations. “The United Arab Emirates is on pace to contribute $20 million over the course of 2016 and 2017 to the Middle East Institute, one of Washington’s leading think tanks, according to a document obtained by The Intercept.”

Fox News host reportedly sues journalist for $50 million over “dick pic” story. “Bolling was accused of sending pictures of male genitalia to multiple female colleagues at Fox Business and Fox News. The reporting cited 14 sources in and out of the two Fox cable networks.”

Walmart store accused of touting rifles as “back-to-school” items. “Own the school year like a hero.”

Security contractor reportedly billed U.S. for luxury cars, “executive assistants” in connection with Afghanistan contracts. “Under Imperitas, NCC billed the government for Porsches, Alfa Romeos, a Bentley, an Aston Martin and a Land Rover and paid the significant others of senior staff an average of $420,000 as “executive assistants” that worked from home, auditors found.”

Man who detained theft suspect called Yuba City, California police, got punched in the face by officer. “In video taken at the scene… an officer can be seen punching Ybarra twice in the face as Ybarra stands with his hands behind his back against a patrol car.”

Trump threatens North Korea with nuclear annihilation then hits the golf course. “Working hard while Hawaii finalizes its nuclear attack evacuation plan.”

U.N. war crimes investigator resigns, cites lack of will to prosecute violators. “Justice must do its work because without justice there is no real peace.”

Assad regime reportedly executed cyber activist. “(Bassel) Khartabil was an open-source software programmer who fought for an open internet and helped Syrians evade regime censorship and surveillance.”

Red Cross denounces Yemen air strikes. “The International Red Cross has issued a rare statement saying it is “extremely alarmed” by the recent wave of airstrikes in Yemen, which have killed dozens of civilians and hit homes and public spaces such as markets.”


August 10, 2017

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