August 13, 2017

1 dead, 34 injured after suspected white nationalist drives car into crowd of Charlottesville counter-protesters. “(James Fields Jr.) was photographed earlier in the day holding a shield aligned with Vanguard America, a hate group that uses the nationalist slogan “blood and soil” and believes the U.S. is for the “White American peoples”.

Drunken American punched after doing Nazi salute in Dresden. “German police say a drunken American male tourist was punched by a passer-by as he gave the stiff-armed Nazi salute multiple times in downtown Dresden.”

Clothing made in North Korea allegedly being sold around the world labelled “Made in China”. “We will ask the Chinese suppliers who work with us if they plan on being open with their client — sometimes the final buyer won’t realize their clothes are being made in North Korea.”

2016 was the hottest year on record. “The 298-page report, prepared by a team of scientists led by NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information, affirms that 2016 was the hottest year in 137 years of recordkeeping.”

Charlottesville police accused of allowing violent clashes. “We walked the streets beginning in the early morning hours and repeatedly witnessed instances in which authorities took a largely laissez faire approach, allowing white supremacists and counter-protesters to physically battle.”

Euclid, Ohio police officer caught on video repeatedly punching black suspect after traffic stop. “Richard Hubbard III, 25, was driving a 2011 Hyundai when he was pulled over on East 228th Street before 10:30 a.m, according to a news release.”   Video here:


August 13, 2017

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