September 24, 2017

2/3 of Americans oppose first strike on North Korea. “Fewer than a quarter — 23 percent — of Americans say the United States should strike North Korea first, while 67 percent say there should be U.S. military action only if North Korea attacks the United States or its allies.”

Berkeley “free speech” event reportedly cancelled. “The event seemed to be in trouble in recent days as organizers failed to meet Berkeley’s deadlines for renting indoor venues on campus, while at the same time some scheduled speakers either canceled plans to attend or said they never agreed to appear.”

Trump’s battle with athletes over anthem, police brutality, continues to widen. “North Carolina, the reigning NCAA men’s basketball champion, said Saturday it will not visit the White House this season…. (citing) scheduling conflicts.”

Dead Huntington Beach police shooting victim identified. “(Dillan) Tabares, who previously served in the Navy as an information systems technician, had fallen on hard times in 2012 according to a Facebook post where he discussed how he lost his security clearance in the Navy due to testing positive for marijuana that he self-medicated for depression.”

SEC hacked, data may have been used for insider trading. “The breach involved Securities and Exchange Commission’s Edgar filing system, which houses market-moving information with millions of filings ranging from quarterly earnings to statements on acquisitions.”

Latest Trumpcare bill unlikely to pass after Arizona senator John McCain joins Republican holdouts. “I cannot in good conscience vote for the Graham-Cassidy proposal.”

Long Island, New York suspect dies during arrest. “It took four cops to subdue and handcuff him. Perez then stopped breathing, said police.”

Substitute teacher in Vermont fired after allegedly teaching third graders to do Nazi salute. “The children were standing with their arm out in front of them, and the teacher was modeling the position… She then raised her arm slightly and said, ‘and now we say, Heil Hitler’.”

Undercover cop, Air Force lieutenant, filmmaker swept up with protesters during last weekend’s St. Louis police shooting protests, all three were allegedly abused during arrests. “(The documentary producer) said he was sprayed with a chemical and eventually knocked unconscious for 10 to 30 seconds and when he came to, an officer pepper sprayed him again.”   22 more arrested this weekend during shopping mall protest.

ACLU sues St. Louis over police use of excessive force during arrests of protesters, trapping protesters so they were unable to disperse and interfering with recording of police activity. “The City of St. Louis has a custom or policy of retaliating against protestors expressing disapproval of the actions of law enforcement officers, and has done so on occasions before these particular protests, including in 2014 near the intersection of Arsenal Street and Grand Avenue and in 2015 near the intersection of Walton Avenue and Page Boulevard.”

Buffalo, New York mother files lawsuit over death of her son during police arrest, claims he was beaten and then shot in the back when he attempted to flee, despite being unarmed. “The autopsy report for (Jose) Hernandez-Rossy has never been made public.”

Bomb that killed 16 civilians in Yemen allegedly made in U.S. “Amnesty International’s arms expert analyzed remnants of the weapon and found clear markings that matched U.S.-made components used in laser-guided, air-dropped bombs.”


September 24, 2017

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