September 25, 2017

Far right, anti-immigrant party becomes third largest party in German parliament. “Having failed to enter the Bundestag in the last election, (Alternative for Germany) is now likely to have nearly 100 seats in parliament.”   U.S. Islamaphobes reportedly posting fake news stories in German, which are then being shared on social media in Germany. “The website’s Germany-related coverage includes story after story about migrants raping German women, claims that migrants are bringing “highly infectious diseases” to Germany, and Muslims are transforming entire German neighborhoods into “no-go zones” where local police have lost control.”

Trump administration issues stricter travel ban as previous ban expires. “President Trump on Sunday issued a new order banning almost all travel to the United States from seven countries, including most of the nations covered by his original travel ban, citing threats to national security posed by letting their citizens into the country.”

In response to President Trump’s attacks on their right to peacefully protest, more than 130 NFL players sit, kneel or stay off the field during national anthem. “The form of protest started last season with former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who did it to to protest the treatment of black people by police.”   First Major League baseball player kneels during anthem. “Oakland Athletics’ catcher Bruce Maxwell became the first Major League Baseball (MLB) player to kneel during the national anthem Saturday night, prior to a game against the Texas Rangers.”

Jared Kushner, other Trump administration officials, accused of using private email accounts to discuss government business. “Other White House officials have also sometimes used personal accounts to correspond with Kushner and with each other, according to emails seen by POLITICO and people familiar with Kushner’s correspondence.”   “Lock them up!”

Steve Bannon targets Republican party in speech to conservatives. “They’re not conservatives, they’re liberals, and that is what we’ve got to fight every day.”   Was your secret meeting in China with a top Chinese government official about tariffs on Chinese products, Steve?

EPA providing few details about post-hurricane toxic waste site cleanup efforts. “The agency has not provided details about which Superfund sites the material came from, why the contaminants at issue have not been identified and whether there’s a threat to human health.”

Protesters arrested in St. Louis share their stories. “Newbold said he was restrained with zip ties that were so tight that he lost all feeling in his hands and his fingers began to turn purple. He said his hands still burn, and there are still areas that have not regained feeling.”

Ted Cruz says he can’t support Trumpcare bill in its current form. ““Right now they don’t have my vote and I don’t think they have Mike Lee’s either.”

Calls to Florida’s governor, Rick Scott, from nursing home where 11 died after hurricane have been deleted. “There were a total of four voicemails left during the 36 hours before the first patient died, and they would have been a critical piece of evidence in the ongoing investigation into the patient deaths.”   Don’t worry, the NSA has them.

More than 2,600 civilians reportedly killed in U.S. strikes in Syria. “The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights put the total at 2,617 civilians killed in US-led strikes just in Syria. This included 615 children and 443 women.”

About 3/4 of the world’s dictatorships receive military assistance from the United States. “Does the US government actually oppose dictatorships and champion democracy around the world, as we are repeatedly told? The truth is not easy to find, but federal sources do provide an answer: No.”

Myanmar government blames Rohingyas for bombing their own mosque and school. “The army chief accused the militants of trying to drive out around 700 hundred villagers who have remained in Mi Chaung Zay — an argument analysts have said makes little sense for a group whose power depends on the networks it has built across Rohingya communities.”

Ag-gag laws spreading to other industries. “So you now have these gag bills that can be used, not just in the agricultural industry, but if someone exposes abuse in a nursing home, in a retirement home or anywhere else, it gives their employer the right to sue them.”


September 25, 2017

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