September 27, 2017

Sessions denounces college restrictions on free speech, but condemns athletes for exercising their right to free speech. “In a speech Tuesday at Georgetown University’s law school in Washington, Sessions took aim at higher education institutions that he said are “transforming into an echo chamber of political correctness and homogeneous thought, a shelter for fragile egos”.”   Protesters banned from Sessions’ speech. “… outside the lecture hall, protestors condemned Sessions as a “snowflake” for effectively carving out a “safe space” for himself by not allowing dissenters to attend the lecture.”   Wouldn’t want anyone to laugh – you’d have to arrest them.

Roger Stone tells congressional investigators he did not collude with Russia, did not have advanced knowledge of Podesta email leak, but refuses to reveal his “go-between” with Wikileaks activist Julian Assange. “The committee’s ranking Democrat, Rep. Adam Schiff of California, said Stone could be subpoenaed to return to answer questions related to that interaction.”

In response to “yes” vote on Kurdish independence, Iraqi prime minister says Iraq will cut off flights, restrict access at borders, Turkey threatens to cut off food exports. “… this includes all the border gates and the suspension of all external flights from and to the (Kurdish) region, including the flights to and from the airports of Irbil and Suleimaniyah.”

Otto Warmbier tortured say parents. “They destroyed him.”   Anyone who tortures prisoners, or who orders or condones the torture of prisoners, must be held accountable. Which is why the world is still waiting for the CIA and George Bush to face justice.

International ozone treaty paying big dividends 30 years after its adoption. “The combined impacts of UV levels that could literally burn skin in five minutes and (25%) hotter, stormier weather is something no one would want to live in or wish for their grandchildren, said Rolando Garcia, a senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, Colorado.”   CFC industry challenged the science, said more research was necessary…

Saudi Arabia to allow women to drive – starting next year. “Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world to forbid women from driving.”

Prolific author of fake news, Paul Horner, found dead at 38. “I think Trump is in the White House because of me.”

Election officials and judges should have allowed 2016 presidential election recounts. “… the Michigan recount was shut down after just three days; a federal judge rejected a request to recount paper ballots in Pennsylvania; and while Wisconsin did conduct a recount, in many counties, officials neglected to hand-count paper ballots and did not examine vulnerable software in electronic voting machines.”

Trump sides with Spanish government on Catalan independence. “Well, I think that Spain is a great country, and it should remain united. We’re dealing with a great, great country, and it should remain united.”

Third Republican push to repeal Obamacare is likely dead. “The latest Republican attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act died on Tuesday as it became obvious they did not have the votes to pass a bill that would leave millions without health insurance.”   181 protesters arrested on Capitol Hill. “On Monday, disability rights activists and healthcare advocates disrupted the one and only congressional hearing on the healthcare bill, chanting “No Cuts to Medicaid”.”

White Pennsylvania fire department chief posts on social media that the Pittsburgh Steeler’s black coach is now “on the list” for keeping his team off the field during the national anthem. “Tomlin just added himself to the list of no-good niggers.”

Director of Michigan State Police posts Facebook meme calling kneeling athletes “arrogant, ungrateful anti-American degenerates”. “When such a high-ranking member of law enforcement feels compelled to share such broad, inaccurate, and shameful comments, their judgment can no longer be trusted to help protect Michigan’s diverse communities.”

Massachusetts parks commissioner reportedly calls kneeling NFL players “turds” and “monkeys”. “Turds, your dumbass isn’t paid to think about politics. Dance monkey dance.”

Despite impression given by PBS “Vietnam” documentary, JFK actually DID order the gradual withdrawal of U.S. troops from Vietnam prior to his assassination. “In National Security Action Memorandum 263, dated October 11, 1963, Kennedy articulated his decision to withdraw all US military forces from Vietnam by the end of 1965 — with the withdrawal to be completed after the 1964 election. This was the formal policy of the United States government on the day he died.”   But of course that had NOTHING to do with his assassination, and anyone who suggests otherwise is a “conspiracy theorist”, which is very, very bad.

Former Vietnam anti-war activist is unhappy with PBS series’ revision of history. “If you wonder how Americans could learn our history without realizing that the “founding fathers” were slave owners, that through much of the 19th century the US was genociding Native Americans, or how Southerners to this day could believe that the South was fighting a “noble”cause in the Civil War and (that) its generals (are) deserving (of) honor, (you) need only watch how, as the memory of the Vietnam war fades and those of us who got  fired from (our) jobs, lost (our) careers, (or were) beaten and jailed for opposing it… begin to die off, the meaning and reality of that war get polished into another propaganda victory for the “America is always good” and “our mistakes always well-intentioned and innocent” picture that Ken Burns and Lynn Novick deliver in their PBS series on the Vietnam war.”

Trump International Golf Club Puerto Rico reportedly defaulted on Puerto Rican government bonds, costing local taxpayers approximately $32.7 million. “Texas & Florida are doing great but Puerto Rico, which was already suffering from broken infrastructure & massive debt, is in deep trouble..”

Trump campaign and inauguration funds reportedly received almost $2 million in donations from Americans with links to Russian oligarch. “All three men — Blavatnik, Kukes, and Intrater — have been publicly identified as associated with Viktor Vekselberg, considered one of the richest men in Russia… reported to hold frequent meetings with President Vladimir Putin as part of a business group known as the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.”

Indigenous group seizes 50 oil wells in Peru. “… members of indigenous Achuar communities say they have seized control of at least 50 oil wells operated by the Canadian company Frontera Energy Corp. in the Amazon.”

September 27, 2017

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