November 26, 2017

People around the world march against violence against women. “People in Turkey, France, Chile, Italy, Mozambique, Sweden, Spain and other countries marched this weekend in support of the United Nations’ International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, commencing two weeks of campaigning for gender equality.”

German court approves plan to destroy ancient forest to expand coal strip mine. “Cries of protest erupted in the Cologne Administrative Court on Friday after the judge ruled that development plans for the Hambach open-pit mine did not breach environmental legislation and could go ahead as planned.”

Lutheran youth pastor fatally shoots his family on Thanksgiving. “A domestic dispute turned deadly when a man shot and killed his wife, her daughter, and the daughter’s boyfriend at their Virginia home on Thanksgiving evening, police said.”

Another Japanese company admits falsifying product specifications. “Buyers of Japanese industrial goods from Boeing Co. to Airbus SE were once again scrambling to confirm whether safety had been compromised after Mitsubishi Materials said three of its units had faked data on products that may have been delivered to more than 250 customers.”

Chinese bike share bubble bursts, billions had been invested. “…a mangled pile of bicycles covering an area roughly the size of a football pitch, and so high that cranes are need to reach the top; cast-offs from the boom and bust of China’s bike sharing industry.”

Trump tweets that Egyptian mosque bombing just proves how much we need a Muslim ban and a wall along the Mexican border. “…. Need the WALL, need the BAN! God bless the people of Egypt.”

Republicans spoofing themselves with their “tax reform” bill. “If Democrats were to write a bill to hyperbolically make fun of Republican positions, they might call it “The Take from the Poor to Help Billionaires Act of 2017″…. It’s currently making its way through Congress.”

Malibu church pressured to stop feeding homeless people. “…Malibu United Methodist Church — facing pressure from the city — in recent weeks took a U-turn, deciding twice-weekly dinners for homeless people would stop after Thanksgiving.”

Man claims Amelia Earhart and her traveling partner were executed by the Japanese military. “The (Chamorro resident’s) uncle said that the two were in the Saipan prison for two or three days before they were killed.”

Mall shuts down, seven arrested after police brutality protest in St. Louis. “The protest was part of an economic boycott effort announced in early November by African-American clergy and activists over issues from police treatment of blacks to bank loan practices to infrastructure neglect in the northern part of St. Louis.”

Human rights group estimates more than 340,000 killed during Syrian civil war. “…119,000 pro-government fighters (have been) killed, including Syrian troops, militia members, and Hezbollah fighters. On the rebel side, about 59,000 “rebels” were reported killed, along with 62,200 Islamists.”

How many U.S. troops are in Syrian? It’s hard to say. “Less than a month ago, Gen. James Jarrard told reporters the US had about 4,000 troops in the country, though the Pentagon at the time claimed he was wrong and the real number was only 503.”


November 26, 2017

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