December 21, 2017

9,000 to 11,000 civilians likely killed in battle to retake Mosul. “That’s a civilian casualty rate nearly 10 times higher than what has been previously reported.”

Lawsuit filed in shooting deaths of fleeing New Mexico suspects. “The driver, Isaac Padilla, was shot dead along with (Martin) Jim, who was in the back seat… Gonzales said no gun was found inside the truck or on either Padilla or Jim.”

Details emerge on Congressional lawsuit payouts. “In response to a request for information, the Office of Compliance sent a letter Tuesday to the Chairman of the House Administration Committee, Rep. Gregg Harper, R-Miss., saying in the last 10 years it awarded $342,225.85 in 15 cases ranging from accusations of sexual harassment, to sexual and racial discrimination.”

Mistrial declared in Cliven Bundy stand-off trial. “U.S. District Gloria Navarro found that prosecutors had failed to turn over documents that could be used to support the defense’s case. As NPR’s Kirk Siegler reports, Navarro also noted ‘that the government had erroneously claimed several things, including that there weren’t snipers surveying the Bundy ranch when there were’.”

Facebook employment ads allegedly weeding out older job seekers. “Verizon is among dozens of the nation’s leading employers — including Amazon, Goldman Sachs, Target and Facebook itself — that placed recruitment ads limited to particular age groups, an investigation by ProPublica and The New York Times has found.”

Life expectancy in the U.S. drops for second year. “Women can now expect to live a full five years longer than men: 81.1 years vs. 76.1 years.”

Chinese man who interviewed victims of slum destruction arrested. “In the weeks before his detention, Hua (Yong) had uploaded dozens of videos on YouTube and Chinese social media platform WeChat documenting the destruction of migrant neighbourhoods on the outskirts of Beijing.”

Republican tax bill removes Obamacare penalty for going uninsured. “Among the most important (reasons for the penalty) is encouraging healthy people to sign up for coverage, so that insurers can spread the cost of high medical bills broadly and, in the process, keep premiums more manageable.”

Trump hotel in New York renamed. “The Trump SoHo, New York, was rebranded as The Dominick Hotel, Thursday midnight, according to a report by KITV, an ABC-affiliated television station.”

December 21, 2017

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