December 23, 2017

U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands caught lying to the press – twice. “The new US ambassador to the Netherlands has denied saying that there are “no go” areas in the Netherlands and that cars and politicians are being set on fire because of radical Islam.”   He then denies ever saying that reports of such a statement by him are “fake news”, but video shows he actually made both statements.

Trump administration wants to sell anti-tank missiles to Ukraine. “The sale of anti-tank missiles, which could possibly include the U.S. made Javelin system, would likely provoke a strong reaction from Russia that could threaten to derail Trump’s calls for better relations with Moscow.”

Putin accuses U.S. of basing cruise missiles in Romania. “Putin, speaking during Friday’s meeting with the top military brass, alleged that the U.S. missile defense sites in Romania containing interceptor missiles could also house ground-to-ground intermediate-range cruise missiles in violation of the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty.”

Saudi dissidents accuse social media sites of censorship. “We don’t know if Twitter is helping the Saudi regime or if some hackers have the ability to do such a thing, but we have questions.”

Warrantless surveillance threatens Fourth Amendment liberties of Americans. “Today’s electronic surveillance does not leave muddy boot prints in our foyers, but the principle that there should be reasonable limits on the government’s power to intrude upon the private lives of citizens remains.”

Texas deputies accidentally kill 6 year-old boy after opening fire on unarmed, female car theft suspect standing on porch of mobile home. “Four deputies fired at the woman, (Bexar County Sheriff Javier) Salazar said.”

Appeals court rules Trump administration does not have authority to ban visitors with strong U.S. ties. The justices ruled that the government’s Muslim ban “should be barred from impacting issuance of visas to foreigners who have a bona fide tie to the U.S., such as an American relative or a concrete connection to an employer or university in the U.S.”

Spanish prime minister rejects talks after election win by Catalan separatist parties. “The Spanish government sent in thousands of police to shut down the (October independence) referendum, and officers were seen pulling elderly voters by the hair from polling stations and firing rubber bullets at relatively calm protesters.”

Trump sets record for fewest press conferences with a total of one. “He often answers questions from reporters in the “pool,” a rotation of reporters who follow the president’s movements and send the information out to the rest of the press corps. But that is different than a formal press conference…”


December 23, 2017

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