March 9, 2018

Two U.S. senators introduce bipartisan bill to restrict searches of electronic devices of U.S. citizens when entering or leaving the country. “The Leahy-Daines bill includes provisions requiring reasonable suspicion or probable cause to search or seize Americans’ electronic devices at the border and forces the government to obtain a warrant before conducting forensic searches of such devices. It also requires the Department of Homeland Security to collect statistics on these searches and seizures and report them to Congress.”

Government moves forward with plan to destroy Guantanamo torture camp. “In the past two years, however, successive prison camp commanders dropped the (Camp X-ray) site from detention center media visits — along with the terms “legal and transparent” from its motto — declaring the site was no longer part of the story the Navy admirals in charge of the prison wanted reporters telling.”   It should be preserved as a site of historical importance.

Russia blamed for populist Italian election results. “(Blaming Russia) shows a disrespect for the plight of the vast numbers of people who have been immiserated by decades of neoliberal austerity policies. Are we really to believe Russian Twitter “bots,” Facebook ads, and RT factored in more than the rates of unemployment (Italy has a rate of 38 percent youth unemployment) and poverty as the main factors behind Brexit and the US and Italian elections?”

Women’s March leaders criticized for ties to Louis Farrakhan after one reportedly attends “Satanic Jews” speech. “That there appears to be no desire on the part of Women’s March to confront Jew-hatred specifically and substantively, even as most religious hate crimes target Jews and anti-Semitism stats rise, is something that should trouble anyone of genuine antiracist sentiment.”

Secretary of the Interior to get $138,670 office doors. “Meanwhile, (Ryan) Zinke has publicly supported cutting wasteful government spending and proposed slashing the department’s staff by 4,000 workers.”

Women around the world celebrate International Women’s Day. “Black glasses covering part of her badly burned face, a victim of an acid attack joined hundreds of activists who rallied in Pakistan’s port city of Karachi on Thursday to denounce violence against women and mark International Women’s Day.”   Police in Tehran break up Women’s Day rally. “The arrests came a day after Iranian news media reported that a woman had been sentenced to two years in prison for participating in a growing movement opposing the Islamic Republic’s law requiring women to wear the hijab, or headscarf.”

Former Asheville, North Carolina police officer found guilty of assaulting fleeing black jaywalker. “The video shows Hickman punching (Johnnie) Rush in the head repeatedly and then shooting him with a yellow stun gun.”

Singapore government report blames U.S. destroyer for collision. “Singapore investigators conclude that a sudden left turn by the USS John S. McCain caused the predawn Aug. 21 crash with a commercial vessel that killed 10 American sailors.”

U.S. facing shortage of construction workers. “Residential construction employment fell by 1.5 million during the housing crash, and payrolls have risen by just 786,000 since the recovery began in 2011. Many workers left the industry for oil, factory and trucking jobs during the meltdown.”   Factory jobs? Like in China? How about “whatever they could find”?

Recordings of truck stop executives repeatedly using racial slurs released by judge. “(Vincent) Greco turned mole when confronted by the FBI and IRS Criminal Investigation Division in 2011 as part of an ongoing probe that led to the April 2013 raid of Pilot Flying J’s Knoxville headquarters and has been granted immunity.”

Walmart employees receive one-time corporate tax cut bonuses instead of pay raises. “Walmart Inc. will be awarding one-time bonuses worth $200 to $1,000 to about 890,000 of its 1 million hourly employees.”   It would really interesting to know what percentage of the expected corporate tax cut windfall went to employees vs. management vs. shareholders, but the story doesn’t tell us that. It would also be interesting to know how many got $200 and how many got $1,000, but it doesn’t tell us that either.

California bill would require computer and cell phone manufacturers to sell parts and repair guides to public. “The (Right to Repair) Act would require tech titans to release repair guides and make official repair parts available to consumers and third-party repair professionals.”

Restaurant reservation service fires employee accused of making fake reservations through a competitor’s website. “All in all, Wesner said the false reservations affected 45 Chicago restaurants and amounted to more than 1,200 no-show guests.”   Hey, that’s capitalism!

Fake news gets more shares then real news say researchers. “On Twitter, false news stories are 70% more likely to be retweeted than true stories, and it takes true stories about six times as long to reach 1,500 people as it takes for false stories to reach the same number of people.”

At least 170 people in U.S. poisoned by salmonella-contaminated chicken salad. “There have been 62 hospitalizations so far, but no reported deaths.”   Centers for Disease Control estimates about 1 million cases of salmonella food poisoning a year in the U.S.

Los Angeles observes 50th anniversary of walk-outs by Mexican-American students from East L.A. public schools to protest unequal education. “Some local leaders at the time, including Mayor Sam Yorty, denounced the walkouts as a communist plot, and in the months that followed, law enforcement responded with undercover operations, raids and arrests.”

Qantas airlines asks employees to watch their language and not interrupt women. “(The information packet) contained what Qantas deemed potentially offensive terms (such as “husband” and “wife”) and warned men not to “manterrupt” women and speak over them in the workplace.”   How would women respond if a company were urging its supervisors not to “womanag” their employees?


Justice Department to investigate fatal shooting of white exterminator Daniel Shaver at his hotel by Mesa police. “The shooting, unlike other high-profile police shootings captured on video, didn’t prompt local protest like in other cities.”

Judge orders Chicago’s mayor Rahm Emanuel and police superintendent to testify in police shooting lawsuit. “First, (the family’s attorneys) allege that paramedics changed their statements after talking with city attorneys. Second, they say city attorneys attempted to upset the father of (Quintonio) LeGrier in a deposition by showing him graphic photos of his son’s body. Also, they said that City Attorney Barrett Boudreaux asked LeGrier’s mother whether she engaged in prostitution.”
Essex County, Massachusetts DA rules that fatal police shooting of unarmed man was justified. “Prosecutors said the shooting occurred after McInnis repeatedly refused police officers’ request to show hands following the robbery, walking toward police with his hands in his pockets.”
No charges for former LA police officer who shot unarmed homeless man in the back. “(Brendan) Glenn, 29, of Troy, New York, was on his stomach and trying to push himself up when Proctor shot him in the back, police have said.”
Six protesters sue Portland, Oregon police claiming excessive force was used to subdue demonstrators at multiple events. “The legal action is intended “to hold the Portland Police Bureau accountable for their violent response to protests in our city,” said Mat dos Santos, legal director for the ACLU of Oregon.”
South Bend, Indiana settles excessive force lawsuit for $15,000 after officer used stun gun and hit 59 year-old motorist during traffic stop for disobeying his orders. “The Seventh Circuit has held that failing to follow commands is not ‘active resistance’ and does not constitute the type of struggle that warrants significant use of force.”
Maywood, Illinois settles excessive force lawsuit for $60,000 after officer hit man with baton after telling him to leave the area. “(Andre) Thomas claims that (Officer) Daniels allegedly pulled out his nightstick and told him “we have to make an example out of you,” before striking Thomas in the head with the nightstick and throwing him to the ground.”
Legal experts and humanitarian activists testify on unauthorized U.S. military involvement in Yemen. “We strongly encourage you and your Senate colleagues to co-sponsor and vote for S.J. Res 54, which defends the constitutional linchpin of Congress’s sole authority to declare war and promises to help end what aid groups consider the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.”
Supporters say parents of California children found living in plywood shack are ‘guilty of being poor’. “The parents, Mona Kirk, 51, and Daniel Panico, 73, were charged with three felony counts of child abuse and the children were put in care of social services.”
NFL prospect Derrius Guice claims teams asked if he was homosexual and if his mother was a prostitute. “The former LSU running back said he wasn’t surprised by the questions. “It went exactly how everyone told me it would be.””
Alleged chemical attacks delaying delivery of aid in Syria. “We have no medicine, I wish the UN would get us some medicine so we can treat these wounded, they’re still here, come and interview them and investigate and test them.”
Irish government approves referendum on abortion. “Voters will be asked if they want to repeal article 40.3.3 – known as the eighth amendment – which since 1983 has given unborn foetuses and pregnant women an equal right to life, effectively enshrining a ban on abortion in the country’s constitution.”
Hamilton, Canada tattoo shop offers to remove racist and gang tattoos for free. “The procedure can normally be exorbitantly expensive and excruciatingly painful, more than the initial tattoo application, per CBC.”
Trump supporter reportedly threatened to burn down left-wing bookstore in Berkeley, California. “A male Trump supporter, wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, called the staffer “commie scum” and told her that “we’re going to burn down your bookstore”.”
Donald Trump reportedly partied with Russian oligarch at Las Vegas ‘lewd acts’ nightclub. “A bombshell new report suggests Donald Trump consummated a deal to hold his Miss Universe pageant in Moscow while hobnobbing with Russian oligarchs at a Las Vegas nightclub later shut down over lewd performances involving women and urine.”
Ryan Bundy reportedly running for governor of Nevada. “The Nevada Independent reported Thursday that Ryan Bundy, who along with (others) orchestrated an armed takeover and occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon in 2016, announced his candidacy for Nevada governor as an independent.”
Spanish women’s group declares general strike. “We call for rebellion and a struggle against the alliance of the patriarchy and capitalism that wants us to be obedient, submissive and quiet.”
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March 9, 2018

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