March 19, 2019

Chester, Pennsylvania cop pistol whips and tasers woman for shoving him. “Cellphone video captured a Chester police officer striking (Dominique) Difiore in the face and knocking her onto the ground…. Witnesses say after Difiore fell to the ground, the officer tased her ear.”   I wasn’t able to view the video on Twitter, but it is also posted here:

Former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile hired as Fox News contributor. “Brazile had been a contributor for CNN but was dismissed after reports emerged in December 2016 that she gave advance information to then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton about questions she would face during a televised town hall aired by the cable news channel.”

President Trump suggests that Federal Communications Commission look into ‘unbalanced’ comedy on Saturday Night Live. “It’s truly incredible that shows like Saturday Night Live, not funny/no talent, can spend all of their time knocking the same person (me), over & over, without so much of a mention of ‘the other side’. Like an advertisement without consequences. Same with Late Night Shows. Should Federal Election Commission and/or FCC look into this?”   Conveniently forgetting that the FCC’s ‘fairness doctrine’ was abolished during the Reagan administration. “This type of content-based regulation by the federal government is, in my judgment, antagonistic to the freedom of expression guaranteed by the First Amendment,” Reagan said in his veto message. “In any other medium besides broadcasting, such federal policing of the editorial judgment of journalists would be unthinkable.”   ‘Hoisted with their own petard’ (Blown up with their own bomb).

Presidential candidate whose website has no policy or platform page raises $6.1 million dollars in 24 hours. “The thing is, (Beto O’Rourke) doesn’t have a message right now. It’s all goop.”   This has never been a problem for Democratic candidates in the past. Remember ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’? He is apparently opposed to a Medicare for All national health insurance scheme, though. “In O’Rourke’s view, he explained, people that like their insurance should be allowed to stay in their (current) plans.”   I’m sure the insurance industry would like them to remain in their current plans, too.

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang proposes $1,000 a month Universal Basic Income. “After taxing big tech companies, citizens will then spend the money they receive in their local communities, which would stimulate the economy and reduce the enormous costs of incarceration and poverty assistance programs, the Democratic candidate explained.”

Republican congressman Steve King posts meme about ‘another civil war’ on his campaign’s Facebook page. “Folks keep talking about another civil war. One side has about 8 trillion bullets, while the other side doesn’t know which bathroom to use.”

Trial of former East Pittsburgh police officer accused of shooting Antwon Rose to begin. “Video of a young man running away unarmed, being shot three times in the back — it should be open and close,” Jasiri X said, “and the fact that it’s not is super-problematic.”

Saudi Arabia’s ‘dissident death squad’ reportedly asked for performance bonuses. “The hit squad’s day-to-day duties included the kidnap, detention, and torture of critical Saudi clerics, intellectuals and activists, the officials said.”

JP Morgan’s CEO, sounding more like Bernie Sanders than a Wall Street banker, says even he is worried about inequality. “I don’t want to be a tone deaf CEO; while the company is doing fine, it is absolutely obvious that a big chunk of [people] have been left behind,” (Jamie) Dimon said. “Forty percent of Americans make less than $15 an hour. Forty percent of Americans can’t afford a $400 bill, whether it’s medical or fixing their car.”   He’s actually a very smart businessman – consumers can’t spend money they don’t have. What’s good for the working class is good for Wall Street.

Former United Auto Workers union vice president charged in federal corruption investigation. “From at least 2014 to 2016, (Norwood) Jewell and others (are alleged to have) conspired to violate the Labor Management Relations Act by receiving more than $40,000 worth of travel, lodging and meals from people acting on behalf of Fiat Chrysler, according to court records.”

Who was the villain in the cancelled Queens Amazon HQ2 $3 billion tax break giveaway? “… 38 percent of New York voters (polled) thought of the freshman congressman (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) as a ‘villain’…. 34 percent of New York voters listed local Queens (anti-Amazon) activists as villains. About 30 percent of respondents viewed both Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) and Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) as villains, according to The Associated Press. Amazon itself was considered a villain by 26 percent of respondents.”

Life in a developed, free market economy: Gulf coast chemical blaze to burn for days. “A fire at a Houston-area petrochemical storage site continued to rage late on Monday and is expected to burn for up to two more days, officials said, sending thick black smoke into the air for miles around.”   An estimated 3.1 million pounds of emissions reportedly released into the air so far. “A fire at a fuels storage company has spread to eight massive petrochemical storage tanks, shutting schools and forcing residents around Deer Park, Texas to stay indoors.”

Professor says he warned New Zealand’s government about the threat of right-wing extremism. “… at the end of August 2016, I warned a select committee of the New Zealand government… that the risk of a mass shooting in the country was rising due to the growing threat from extremists and the possibility of ‘lone wolf’ attacks following recent incidents in Europe and the United States.Too many people looked the other way, believing that the extreme right in New Zealand was harmless…. The security agencies were much more preoccupied with investigating potential ‘jihadis’, criminal gangs, or Maori ‘separatists’.”

New Zealand’s ‘Chief Censor’ bans mosque shooting video. “We would like to remind people that it is an offense to distribute or possess an objectionable publication (under the Films Videos and Publications Classifications Act 1993), which carries a penalty of imprisonment,” local police said in a statement, according to ABC News. “The live stream video of the shootings in Christchurch has been classified by the Chief Censor’s Office as objectionable.”

Chechen human rights activist, who claims police planted marijuana on him, sentenced to four years in a prison camp. “(Oyub Titiev) and his supporters allege he was framed in order to punish him for his human rights work and to stop Memorial working in Chechnya where its investigations have regularly irritated the authorities.”

Family of man crushed to death by bulldozer during Pennsylvania police chase over marijuana plants files lawsuit. “State police ran Gregory Longenecker over with a government-operated bulldozer and essentially turned him into human roadkill.”

Turkey’s president is showing video from the New Zealand mosque shootings at political rallies. “Erdoğan, facing an uphill battle in local elections at the end of the month due to Turkey’s deep economic difficulties… claimed part of the Christchurch suspect’s manifesto was to keep Turks out of Europe, and said the attack was part of a worldwide campaign of Islamophobia.”

New York’s Democratic governor, Andrew Cuomo, calls opposition to Amazon’s $3 billion HQ2 tax break plan ‘reptilian’. “It’s the reptilian response: Amazon’s coming, ‘ooooh, they’re a big corporation, we’re against corporations, let’s go out and grab a sign’…. all the little local politicians run and they pick up a sign and they put on a t-shirt. ‘I’m like you! I’m like you! I’m going to get a tattoo and an earring and I’m growing a beard and I’m going to protest…’.”

Federal judge rules that class action lawsuit against AARP may proceed. “The senior advocacy group advertised that UnitedHealth paid royalties to AARP for its services, but allegedly concealed the fact that the funds came out of consumers’ pockets in the form of a hidden 4.95 percent fee in monthly premium payments.”

Trump administration proposes cutting off funding to Legal Aid programs. “But the National Legal Aid & Defender Association said the elimination of the (Legal Services Corporation) would ‘exacerbate the disparity in access to justice’ for low-income people and urged Congress to keep the nonprofit’s funding intact.”

Federal appeals court upholds lower court decision that Alabama must disclose its procedures for carrying out executions using lethal injections. “The 11th Circuit panel found the trial court carefully considered the nature and character of the information in the lethal injection protocol before finding that the protocol and its related records were of public concern.”

Federal judge allows narrowed lawsuit against supporters and employees of Turkey’s president to proceed. “The group of 15 people filed suit in 2018 against the Republic of Turkey and a group of people who they say attacked and beat them as they protested outside of the Turkish ambassador’s residence in May 2017.”


March 19, 2019

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