October 11, 2021

Democratic National Committee holds election to vote up or down on entire slate of 75 nominees for at-large member positions. “[DNC Chair Jaime] Harrison’s picks for new at-large DNC members include many corporate lobbyists, consultants, and executives, including partners at firms that represent the fossil fuel industry, pharmaceutical companies, electric utilities, and defense contractors, as well as senior employees with Facebook, Pepsi, and Softbank…. the motion to suspend the rules and approve Jaime Harrison’s slate of 75 at-large members was passed by DNC members by a vote of 304-59…. ‘It’s an election in name only, but in reality we’re being presented with a slate of appointments.'”   https://readsludge.com/2021/10/08/harrison-nominates-new-corporate-lobbyists-to-join-the-dnc/

Four provisions of bipartisan infrastructure bill would likely benefit Sen. Joe Manchin financially. “A review of the legislative text shows that several provisions in a section drafted by Manchin’s committee would direct benefits to companies involved in waste coal, a niche area of the coal industry that happens to be what the Manchin family coal brokerage specializes in.”   https://thebrick.house/four-waste-coal-provisions-manchin-put-in-the-infrastructure-bill/

Critics call charitable donations of the wealthy cheap public relations, say they should be taxed instead. “Despite their splashy press releases touting huge donations, the fact is that the super-rich’s charitable giving is a drop in the bucket compared to their ever-growing fortunes. Zara Khan points out for Datawrapper, ‘charitable donations by the richest 20 Americans account for less than 1% of the total wealth of the donors…. [Nick Hanauer claims,] ‘Taxing the rich is the only plan that would increase investment, boost productivity, grow the economy, and create more and better jobs.’ …. once [that money] was invested in ordinary Americans, that money would circulate through local economies from hand to hand, creating jobs, spurring small business growth, and strengthening local communities through increased consumer demand. It’s a much simpler system than elaborately disguising ostentatious wealth through philanthropic giving.”   https://www.businessinsider.com/how-ultra-wealthy-americans-use-philanthropy-to-avoid-taxation-2021-10

Arizona Department of Public Safety protected by qualified immunity from lawsuit of employee fined for not lying in court. “In August, a panel of three judges on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals held that I couldn’t recover my financial losses because the court had not previously carved out an exception to qualified immunity that protects government employees from discipline by their employer for telling the truth in court.”   https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/voices/2021/10/10/qualified-immunity-arizona-punished-me/5795957001/

Former cybersecurity official accuses Donald Trump of attempting to undermine the electoral system. “Christopher Krebs, the first director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, who was fired by former President Trump for refuting claims of a stolen election, said on Sunday that Republican leaders have ‘lost control’ of the party’s voter base…. Krebs… believes Trump is attempting to undermined future elections, noting that the former president said during a recent rally that he is seeking to completely overhaul the U.S. election system…. ‘It’s happening at four different levels, both state legislatures and state elected officials, some of the folks running for secretary of state in Arizona and Georgia, but we’re also seeing [it] in the U.S. Congress.'”   https://thehill.com/homenews/sunday-talk-shows/576129-former-trump-cybersecurity-official-says-gop-has-lost-control-of

France to use rotating EU presidency to push for abolition of the death penalty world-wide. “France was the 35th country in the world to outlaw the death sentence. Further abolitions and moratoriums since then mean that most countries no longer use the punishment, although several large nations including China, Iran and the United States maintain it.”   https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/french-eu-presidency-push-worldwide-end-death-penalty-says-macron-2021-10-09/

Massive loss of biodiversity threatens survival of life on Earth. “Biodiversity is the variety of all living things on Earth and how they fit together in the web of life, bringing oxygen, water, food and countless other benefits…. Since 1970, there has been on average almost a 70% decline in the populations of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians. It is thought that one million animal and plant species – almost a quarter of the global total – are threatened with extinction.”   https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-58859105

Mexican police, army and drug cartel reportedly worked together to detain and murder leftist students who hijacked buses to attend Mexico City protest. “Transcripts of newly released text messages between a crime boss and a deputy police chief have finally lifted the lid on the mystery of 43 students who went missing one night in southwestern Mexico. The messages indicate that the cops and the cartel worked together to capture, torture, and murder at least 38 of the 43 student teachers who went missing in September of 2014…. Aside from a few bone fragments, the bodies of the students have never been found…. A leading newspaper, La Reforma, published leaked testimony earlier this year that suggested army officers based in Iguala had also worked with the Guerreros Unidos to round up some of the students as well as other enemies of the cartel who were in the town on the night of Sept. 26.”   https://news.yahoo.com/finally-know-43-students-bus-085745755.html

Air traffic control staffing shortage blamed for hundreds of cancelled Southwest flights. “No FAA air traffic staffing shortages have been reported since Friday,” an FAA spokesperson told FOX Business in a statement on Sunday. “Flight delays and cancellations occurred for a few hours Friday afternoon due to widespread severe weather, military training and limited staffing in one area of the Jacksonville Air Route Traffic Control Center. Some airlines continue to experience scheduling challenges due to aircraft and crews being out of place.”   https://www.foxbusiness.com/economy/southwest-cancels-more-than-a-thousand-flights-cites-air-traffic-control-issues

LaGuardia bomb scare, initially blamed on a deranged passenger, was actually the fault of another, over-anxious, passenger who mistook the man’s vintage camera for a bomb. “The woman was traveling with her husband and children, sitting across the aisle from her spouse, when she spotted another man in her hubby’s row scrolling through videos and photos of vintage cameras, sources said. She thought he was looking up bomb-making instructions, and when the man pulled out his own camera and adjusted it she was convinced he was setting a timer on a detonator, sources said.”   https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/ny-camera-laguardia-airport-emergency-landing-20211010-pjumgje6k5a6xpggp3axo3bj3y-story.html   The man was detained for ‘several hours’ for some reason.

Black teens not allowed to fly out of Vancouver, Canada on tickets purchased by their parents. “… when the two teens arrived at the Air Canada ticket counter at the Vancouver airport, they were told they needed to present the credit card used to purchase the tickets in order to board…. ‘You’re not flying today.’ ….They called their parents, who attempted to speak to the ticket agent and convince them of their identity…. [Holly Robinson] Peete says the Air Canada agent refused to speak with her to verify her identity, and the boys missed their flight.”   https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/holly-robinson-peete-sons-flight-vancouver-1.6206511

Pharmaceutical lobby reportedly showering Kyrsten Sinema with cash. “In the current Congress, Big Pharma appears to have zeroed in on Senator Kyrsten Sinema, Democrat from Arizona, as one of their lead obstructionists to help kill or gut the Democrats’ drug pricing plan. In the 2020 election cycle, pharmaceutical political action committees suddenly funneled more money to her than they did the whole six years she served in the US House…. Congress barred Medicare from using its bulk purchasing power to negotiate lower drug prices. President Joe Biden and most Democrats support lifting that prohibition in their reconciliation legislation, a move that would save hundreds of billions of dollars – but Sinema has emerged as the party’s most prominent opponent to the plan.”   https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/oct/11/big-pharma-has-a-powerful-new-shill-kyrsten-sinema-fighting-drug-price-reform

An estimated 70,000 people march in Brussels to demand action on climate change. “Lucien Dewanaga, a marcher who spoke with AP, asked the question: ‘What do we do when we destroy the planet? We have nothing else. Human beings have to live in this world. And there is only one world.'”   https://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/10/10/over-70000-march-brussels-demand-green-new-deal-urgent-climate-action

Barack Obama is a spook, from a spook family, and his political campaigns were financed by war industry investors and spooks, claims writer. “The Crown family—whose net worth stands at over $10 billion dollars—has long owned a significant stake in General Dynamics, manufacturer of Trident missiles, Stryker troop carriers, bunker buster bombs, LAV-25 amphibious armored vehicles, Abrams tanks, sniper rifles, and nuclear-powered submarines and naval destroyers…. The Crown family gave at least $86,636 to Obama campaigns between 1990 and 2012 and raised an additional $3,205,233 between 2007 and 2012 while paying $135,000 for Obama’s inauguration in 2009…. The Crowns’ investments in Obama paid off —General Dynamics’ revenues shot up to over $30 billion in 2016, a three-fold increase from 2000. The Crowns’ net worth doubled in the Obama years, causing the family to rise in the Forbes ranking to the 27th richest family in the United States.”   https://covertactionmagazine.com/2021/10/01/a-company-family-the-untold-history-of-obama-and-the-cia/




October 11, 2021

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