August 31, 2016

FBI reportedly seized child pornography web site, improved it, and boosted visitors from 11,000 to 50,000 a week before conducting a sting to arrest users by hacking their computers to reveal their identities. Could this also be done to rights activists or opposition political parties?

President Obama commutes the sentences of 111 more federal prisoners, bringing the total to 673, most of whom were convicted for possessing, making or trafficking drugs.

But still no commutation for Leonard Peltier, the American Indian Movement activist who is now 71 and has served 40 years in prison in a case riddled with questionable evidence and legal proceedings.

Establishment Democrats win Florida primary races, defeating Sanders supporters Tim Canova and Congressman Alan Grayson.

A fifth elite, east-coast prep school reports sexual misconduct by employees with students.

New Jersey Governor Christie vetoes $15 minimum wage bill.

East Chicago’s mayor upset with EPA over agency’s response to massive lead contamination in Calumet neighborhood. Hundreds of children reportedly found to have elevated lead levels, families evacuated.

Department of Defense employees allegedly charged $100,000 spent at “adult entertainment” clubs and almost $1 million spent at casinos to their government charge cards, were not disciplined.

Florida voters approve tax breaks for solar panels.

French Prime Minister says exposed breasts are a French symbol of freedom, and so burkinis should be banned.

Ohio law regulating non-surgical abortions resulted in a 292% increase in complications says study.

Documentary about westerners fighting with Kurdish leftists in Syria to premier at Venice Film Festival in Italy.

DARPA reportedly funding research on hacking “enemy” networks, tracking “targets”.

Some of the most conservative states are receiving the most money from the federal government.

67 rights groups demand that Department of Justice penalized police departments that fail to report deaths in custody.

Investor-State Dispute Settlement system included in trade treaties is allegedly biased in favor of corporations and is being gamed by some companies.

Large insurance companies call on governments to stop subsidizing fossil fuel production, call climate change “the mother of all risks”.

Arkansas woman allegedly jailed 7 times over unpaid court fines and fees that accrued from one $29 overdraft, claims she has paid more than $600, still owes $1,300 more.

Three former employees of Trump Model Management say they worked illegally for the company while in the U.S. on non-work visas. Two say they were coached to lie when entering the country. One claims she was charged $1,600 a month for a bunk bed in a room she shared with five other women.

Florida voters fire “cruelest prosecutor in America”, Angela Corey.


August 31, 2016

August 30, 2016

Suspect in fatal shooting of unarmed Ohio woman after car accident is reportedly an Iraq War veteran with PTSD.

Bernie Sanders “biggest booster on the internet” H.A. Goodman says he is voting for Jill Stein.

Human Rights Watch accuses West Bank and Gaza Palestinian governments of repressing journalists, critics.

Chipotle employees file class action lawsuit claiming they were required to work after clocking out.

Dogs actually understand human speech say researchers.

Adding folic acid to processed foods lowered the number of children born with certain heart defects according to study.

TV executive says Trump will win the election because Americans prefer watching reality TV to PBS, and they lie about it.

U.S. asks Turkey to stop attacking Syria’s Kurdish leftists, Turkey says no.

Jury reportedly awards black South Bend, Indiana teen who was mistakenly arrested and tased $6 dollars after police entered his home without a warrant and used excessive force while arresting him; that’s $1 from each officer for each right they violated.

Two Colorado anti-fracking initiatives will not be on the ballot after failing to collect 98,492 voter signatures for each initiative, after state projects the number of bad signatures.

Cost of Fukushima nuclear reactor melt-down clean up hits $628 billion.

454 reportedly arrested at London’s Notting Hill Carnival.

Hackers reportedly steal personal information of 200,000 Illinois voters.

University of Missouri researchers reportedly blinded beagles for drug research then killed them, animal activist told he can see university’s records if he pays $82,000 for copies.

Trump’s wall? We already have one, and the Clintons started it.

Turkish airstrikes reportedly expanding into northern Iraq, second country to be attacked by NATO member.

European Commission says Apple must pay $14.5 billion in back taxes to Ireland after paying rates as low as 0.005% on its European profits, which gave it an unfair competitive advantage.


August 30, 2016

August 29, 2016

Woman with dislodged IUD reportedly turned away by her doctor due to his affiliation with a Catholic hospital network, learns all of her in-network providers are also affiliated, sustains injury while waiting for insurance company to let her change networks.

Prison officials accused of pressuring corrections employees at Rikers Island jail to make incident reports sound less violent.

Cellular network  SS7 “flaw” allows monitoring of cell phone calls and messages even when using encrypted messaging apps.

Turkey-backed Syrian militia fighting U.S.-back Syrian militia in battle for Manbij.

Real-life results of tax policies favored by Trump advisors have been mostly negative in Kansas.

Tough Milwaukee law on where sex offenders can live, almost nowhere, results in increase in homelessness – from 16 to 232 homeless offenders in two years, possibly putting residents at higher risk.

Not enough healthy people and too many sick ones signing up for Obamacare is making the program unprofitable for insurance companies.

Members of 200 native American tribes reportedly participating in Dakota Access pipeline protest.

Raising the Social Security retirement age is unfair to laborers and to those who live shorter lives, as politicians float idea of raising retirement age to 70.

Los Angeles County District Attorney has allegedly received a combined total of more than $10,000 in gifts from criminal defense attorneys, police unions, business owners and her own prosecutors.


August 29, 2016

August 28, 2016

NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick refuses to stand during national anthem, cites police shootings: “There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

Clinton and Trump campaigns trade racial barbs, KKK-link accusations.

Rail car chlorine leak leads to evacuations in West Virginia and Ohio.

Donald Trump allegedly helped Louisiana flood victims for 49 seconds.

Trump says no amnesty for illegal immigrants, tough benefits screening, quick deportation of criminals, but little information on possible changes to his mass deportation scheme.

Sheriff claims North Dakota roadblock is to protect Dakota Access pipeline protesters, but local residents are reportedly being allowed through, no roadblock in the other direction.

Corporate profits up, U.S. economic growth only a meager 1.1%.

Contractors association and Republican congressmen claim that making federal contractors reveal overtime pay violations, hiring discrimination and collective bargaining violations is “needless” and “unworkable”.

Review of Olympic vandalism incident involving U.S. swimmers shows no evidence of bathroom vandalism, security guard who flashed badge, pointed gun and demanded money was off-duty cop.

Four out of five suspects shot by Chicago police were black males, 2,623 bullets fired in five years, 92 killed, 170 wounded.

Trump biographer accuses press of overlooking the candidate’s long-time dealings with “mobsters, con artists, violent felons, swindlers” and a drug dealer.

Police officer in Muskogee, Oklahoma allegedly pepper-sprayed 84 year old mother of suspect after she resisted the seven officers who were reportedly present at the scene.

Turkish tanks and proxy forces push deeper into Syria, air strikes and artillery reportedly hit Kurdish forces and civilians.

Ohio man jumps to his death over courthouse railing after being sentenced to 13 years in prison, unclear from multiple news reports if he had served time previously.

Foreign legislators say they continue to receive fundraising emails from Trump campaign, despite U.S. laws banning political donations from foreigners and FEC complaints.

United Airlines pilots reportedly arrested before takeoff in Scotland for suspected intoxication, flight delayed 10 hours waiting for replacements.


August 28, 2016

August 27, 2016

Mexican police allegedly used U.S. supplied helicopter gunship to shoot drug gang members and farm workers during Tanhuato, Michoacán massacre.

“Apprentice” TV show applicants reportedly had to agree to being filmed nude by hidden cameras and take STD tests.

Witness says second Highway Patrol officer was present at shooting of unarmed deaf man, officer who shot him apparently hit a tree during the chase.

Hillary Clinton’s daily schedules as secretary of state will reportedly not be released until after the election says State Department.

Sulphur tank at Los Angeles area oil refinery explodes, residents advised to “shelter in place”.

Parents of black Valdosta, Georgia high school student Kendrick Johnson, whose body was found rolled up in a gym mat, must pay defendants’ legal expenses judge rules, face counter-suit.

Bidders for federal contracts now required to report previous and alleged labor law violations.

Software used to hack UAE activist’s iPhone was reportedly developed by Israeli company owned by American private equity firm.

Staffing cuts, low security budgets blamed for high shoplifting rate at Walmart stores.

Activists call impeachment of Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff a “legislative coup”.

Although cell phone tower simulation devices are capable of accessing a cell phone’s content and data, Oakland police and the FBI claim they never do this.

Danish journalist claims Danish subsidiary of British BAE Systems sold internet surveillance package to human rights violator United Arab Emirates.

Bolivian deputy interior minister was reportedly killed by protesting miners after police opened fire.

Indigenous Canadians sue government for removing them from their families and communities as children.

Video shows 15 year old BB gun theft suspect’s hands were empty and he was surrendering when shot repeatedly by NYPD officer.

Louisiana appeals court rules that search of blogger’s home for criticizing public officials was unconstitutional.

Hoax terrorist attack staged by anti-Islamic group in Prague, which frightened residents and tourists, was reportedly approved by city officials and police.


August 27, 2016

August 26, 2016

Federal Reserve officials urge government to increase infrastructure spending to stimulate economy to make up for weak private sector investment.

NSA allegedly claiming that PRISM and Upstream data collection programs are “targeted surveillance” despite sweeping up hundreds of millions of communications per year.

42 civil liberties groups ask Facebook to respect free speech and be more transparent when censoring users.

Pentagon seeks permission to withhold unclassified information from Freedom of Information Act requests, transparency and media groups object.

Apple releases iPhone update iOS 9.3.5 after malware used to spy on UAE activists.

Whistle-blower who reported co-worker’s fake National Guard story reportedly faced disciplinary action from Commerce Department.

Two men not present at 2014 Cliven Bundy ranch standoff reportedly faced 25 year prison terms and $500,000 fines for helping block federal cattle seizure, both plead guilty via plea bargain deals.

Judge rules that FBI terror sting suspect is mentally unfit to stand trial.

Portland Public Schools reportedly bans drivers from playing rap music on school bus radios, but country music is ok.

More Turkish tanks and proxy troops pour into Syria, clash with anti-IS Kurdish rebels.

“Litigation financing” startup will offer to pay legal fees in return for part of the settlement, co-sponsored by Gawker foe Peter Thiel.

WhatsApp’s new terms reportedly include sharing your phone number with Facebook.

Drug gangs reportedly mixing illegally produced fentanyl with other ingredients and marketing it as fake prescription pain pills, leading to rapid increase in overdoses.

Lawsuit against politically gerrymandered election districts in Maryland allowed to proceed.

IS leader al-Baghdadi was confined mostly at Abu Ghraib “sex torture” prison U.S. Army now admits.

Motives of repressive, anti-democratic, patriarchic, homophobic monarchies which tolerate huge disparities in income for making their massive donations to the Clinton Foundation to support its work against these things remains unclear. To some.

Unsuccessful job search? You’re doing it wrong! Mylan CEO says she was first hired by the company after her then state senator father rubbed elbows the with company’s co-founder at a basketball game.

Sustainability of Obamacare threatened by defections of private health insurers, a government operated single-payer plan is the logical solution says Robert Reich.

St. Paul prep school parents and alumni allegedly donated $100,000 to pay for Owen Labrie’s defense attorney for rape trial.

Trump calls Clinton Foundation a pay-to-play “criminal enterprise”, apparently forgetting that the Trump Foundation was also a donor.

Psychologists who developed CIA’s “enhanced interrogation” program sue agency for documents to prove they are not primarily responsible, CIA says their requests for documents have been overly  vague and burdensome.


August 26, 2016

August 25, 2016

Headlines on Turkish invasion of Syria from mainstream U.S. press: “Turkey sends tanks into Syria against ISIS” (CNN); “Turkey’s Military Plunges Into Syria, Enabling Rebels to Capture ISIS Stronghold” (New York Times); “Turkey Moves on Syria” (Wall Street Journal). Those are all of the U.S. mainstream media results of a  Google News search as of 10:30 a.m. JST! Here is the Vice news headline: “Turkey is attacking ISIS in northern Syria with help from US air power”.

FBI reportedly let informants break the law almost 23,000 times between 2011 and 2014 (last year with available data).

San Jose police officer swept up in gang arrests over alleged leaks of “confidential information” to gang members.

Federal appeals court throws out jury verdict in civil suit that cleared Anaheim police officers in shooting death of Manuel Diaz, cites inclusion of inappropriate gang-related evidence.

California legislators approve extension of climate change law that includes carbon tax and credit trading scheme.

$39 million in federal economic development grants approved for coal mining region will build college, business center, “innovation hubs”, only a small portion allocated for retraining unemployed miners.

Soft drink companies planning to spend more than $10 million to fight California sugary drink taxes, mailings reportedly calling it a “grocery tax”, TV ad featuring shopkeepers saying they will spread the tax to other items.

Columbia and leftist rebels agree to peace deal ending 50 year conflict.

Defendant’s lawyer claims racial and gender bias influence criminal justice system when children die after being left in hot cars.

Education group releases report on huge disparities, racial segregation, between city and suburban school districts.

University of Texas-Austin students and faculty hold “Cocks not Glocks” protest against concealed carry of firearms on their campus, give away 4,000 free dildos.

French police reportedly forcing Muslim women wearing “burkinis” to undress on beaches, reminding this editor of Iranian “morality” patrols that forced women to wear headscarves and remove makeup.

Muslim siblings removed from flight in London after another passenger complained they were texting IS related messages in Arabic, but they are from India, only use English, and never text in Arabic. Police find their texts had nothing to do with IS.

Probe finds policy violations in NYPD surveillance of Muslims, failed to give unique, specific reasons for undercover investigations.

Top economist Joseph Stiglitz criticizes Obama administration’s plan to pass TPP during lame duck session of Congress.

Baltimore police accused of using secret, warrantless, private aerial surveillance system.

CEO who hiked price of EpiPen and other drugs reportedly received 671% pay increase over nine years as the company’s prices soared.

Government opens up 24 million acres of Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas drilling day after President visits Louisiana flood victims.

Family sues after inmate’s death is ruled a homicide, correctional officer accused of using chokehold.

Sedgwick County, Colorado sheriff arrested, accused of taking prisoner to his home, sexually assaulting her.

EpiPen research was reportedly funded by taxpayers through Department of Defense contract.

Rights groups sue Sherwood, Arkansas court, accuse it of setting up “debtors’ prison” system.

NYPD reportedly stops releasing information about disciplinary action against officers.

El Dorado Hills, California housing community’s homeowner’s association rules reportedly bar non-white residents “except when employed as a servant or domestic in the household of a White Caucasian tenant or owner.”


August 25, 2016